Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 More Days…

I still feel like it was yesterday when hubby drove me off to the hospital and I was ‘pushing’ 3, 4 times before I can see and feel Rayyan on my chest! And he will be 1 year old on this coming Sat, Oct 24th. Time flies without us knowing it... *wink*

And because it’s Rayyan very first birthday, we are in the midst of planning / preparing a mini birthday party for him where we’ll be calling relatives n close friends to celebrate it together. *smile*

Here’s my important check list:

** Date & time - Fixed
** Hall - Apartment’s community hall confirmed (rmh nda muat ba!)
** Card & map - Done
** Invitees – Done
** Birthday Cake - order confirmed
** Foods - In progress… Still looking for a caterer that could fit with our budget. Hope can confirm it by tomorrow. *sigh*
** Others – shopping by Friday

Err… It’s my first time doing all these except time mau kawin dulu… LOL… The above list is for mintapuji ja ba tu.. It’s really a mini party though. *grin*

While doing my list of invitees, was thinking of you all, my friends in KK… I wish I could invite you all to rock the party. Next time yaa.. *wink*

Till then, watch out Rayyan yg mintapuji… heheheh..


  1. if only i'm in KL, maybe i'll get invited..hehe..

    Nda pa la, wait until u guys balik Sabah for good then maybe we can invite each other.

    wah,wah..terer suda tu budak cruising pusing2 meja ah...

  2. If it is month of December, probably I'll invited too... ;)

    Tunggu kamu balik d KK je lah baru ter celebrate bday c Rayyan nie..

  3. it's fun planning for a party.
    nanti post pictures byk2 ah hehehe

  4. Mama Mia & Mouren ~ Nama kamu mmg dlm list ba tu cuma kamu bkn d sini kan.. hehehe.. Apa buli buat la..

    KK is calling!! Bila la dpt blk ni.. Ntah2 stay porever la sia d sini ni!! Huhuhuhu..

    Ya ba Mia.. tu vid awal bln ni pnya tu. Skrg ni, 4-5 langkah sdh dia without holding anything. :D

  5. chegu carol ~ Kalau sdh last minute pnya planning, fun + kelam kabut jdnya!! Hehehe..

    Glad that semuapun sdh confirm. Tunggu ari ja lg.. Will do so.. :p

  6. Just,

    I hope the party a blast one hehe.. sorry cannot come due to work pula.. anyway, post picture banyak-banyak ok..:D

    P/s : alalala cutenys si rayyan pusing-pusing meja.

  7. Funny bah ko cakap 'mintapuji' haha... So, how was the party?? Di hall lagi, wah, best dengar. Anyway, Happy Belated B'day to Rayyan!! :)


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