Friday, October 09, 2009

Bye Bye Pandan Jaya

What’s going on here???

Shifting!!! Finally, I have to wave to Pandan Jaya. Been staying here for almost 8-9 years!! Even if we moved to other house, it will be sure around this area as well. For the past 8-9 years, I have moved around for 4 times! We were shifting from a block to another block. LOL.

Why I like Pandan Jaya?? Let me list down yaa… *wink*:

1. First and foremost, public transport! You won’t have problem with bus, cab and Star LRT.
2. The location itself which is only 15 minutes to KL centre provided no jam la. *grin*
3. Shops, restaurants, saloons, workshops, laundry, clinics, etc
4. Major Banks i.e. Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, BSN Giro and EON Bank
5. Pasar Malam every Tuesday and Saturday

See… Semua ada!

And that’s the reason why the rental at this area is consider mahal even this area is a low cost apartments area. The rental range between RM450 – RM800 depends on the type of block as well as the floor.

You guys might be wondering why I move to other area since I love Pandan Jaya so much! Well, the house in Pandan Jaya only has 2 rooms and I’m paying RM600 for that! Dulu, ok la.. but not now!

We’ve been looking around since early this year, hoping to get other house with 3 rooms with rental less than RM600 and at the same area. However, it’s not as easy as ABC.

So, when we saw an advertisement in Mudah on this particular property. We quickly called the owner and went to peep it. Luckily, mom ok with the unit. (She has to be ok and comfortable with the house and the area as she will be the one staying at home most of the time).

And.. here we are! Pandan Ria – border of Ampang and Pandan Indah. It’s a bit further up, but it’s ok. The unit located at 9th floor, corner unit with 3 rooms and rental less than RM600. Just as what we wanted!

You might like this… the view of KL city from my room and kitchen yard. Cheers…


  1. i have no idea where that is hehehe...kalau pi kl, stay tmpat my SIL saja...saaaaaaaaaana kajang. jauh kan.

  2. pindah rumah suda rupanya... ;)

  3. ok la dpt yg kamu mau...kira ok la blh dpt sewa bwh 600.

  4. Bestnya view rumah ko nie, Just. Apartment bah nie, kan? Sambil2 masak bulih tgk pemandangan...;)

  5. Wah..less than RM600?. Murah juga tu just. Bukan area tu mahal kah tu?. Anyway.. love the pemandangan ehhee..

    Me too already move 3 time. I prefer nearby LRT because you knowlah ..kan Sia penakut mau drive.

    Hopefully, next time move to own house. I dont mind its flat or apartment, since its only for investment.We still have house and property in Sabah. Kalau sudah tua mau balik sana bah hehe.

  6. Chegu Carol ~ Jauhnya tu Kajang tu. Tp, tepa la.. as long as ada tmpt tinggal free. Hehehh..

    Mama Mia ~ Ya Mia. Pindah sdh akhirnya.. Hihih..

    Memeljoan ~ Ya lor. Lbh stgh thn baru dpt rmh yg kami mau cari. Haahaha...

  7. MOB aka Mouren ~ Ya, mmg best. Sambil jemur kain & angkat kain pun buli lepak2 jap. Flat ba ni. Kalau apartment mana dpt harga ni.

    Nora ~ Sbb flat kan thats why murah. Nda kisah la flat ka apa yg penting selesa.

    Ya ba, sia pun prefer dkt LRT sbb sia nda pandai drive. Hehhe..

    At first, kami pun kunun mau pindah to own hse. Tp, tangguh dulu la.. As you said, yg penting d Sabah ada tmpt pulang. :D

  8. Wah, macam tinggal di hotel, nice view! *thumbs up* So, tempat baru suma pun convenient juga, I mean, public facilities and all??

  9. CMG aka Crystal ~ Hehhe.. Well, at least ada jg LRT d tmpt baru. Bas & cab kena jln kluar sikit. Kedai2 ada jg. Bank2 ja teda. Tepa la. Lama2 ok la tu...

  10. Ya, like Crystal cakap... 'nice view!' :D Sia suka tu melihat-lihat pemandangan dr tempat tinggi esp waktu sunset and malam.

    Sia suka juga tinggal di apartment tapi satu seja jadi masalah... kurang tempat mo sidai baju esp. towel, cadar etc. Bankrap la kalau hari2 pi londry kan.

  11. Nessa ~ Me too suka menview2 ni.. Hihii..

    As you said, yg tu mmg main problem la. Tpksa kalau time cuci towel & cadar tu, baju lain tepksa tggu turn. time tu la rasa mau pindah p teres. Heheh..


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