Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 1yr Birthday to Rayyan

Yes... he is ONE year old now; on last Sat, 24 Oct, to be exact. *smile*

Since hubby has to work on that particular day, I have to take charged! Phewww…

So, here’s the list of things bro, mom and I have to do in the morning…

1. Watermelon (bought 3 pcs at Tesco) – cut into pcs
2. Choc Moist Cake (baked by colleague - Aishah - Thanks babe!) – cut into pcs
3. Curry puff and jelly (ordered from Hubby’s friend) – arrange nicely (kunun!)into container
4. Collect hall’s key
5. Last minute shopping di kedai yang berdekatan
6. Clean up hall and put balloon 5-6 biji… hehehe

The above list is the actual sequence of what we did that morning. *wink*

3.00pm… Party time!!!

Oh no... Where are the foods and the cake??? They were late due to jammed and lost!! Ghezz.. Poor them! Lucky that our quest is not there yet; only family members were waiting for the food to arrive impatiently. Lapar baa…

The caterer – Majurasa Catering (I found them in arrived 15 minutes later. Once they finished setting up the foods, all of us pun makannnnnnnnnn… We have Nasi Tomato, Fried Bihun, Ayam Masak Merah, Acar Timun and 2 hot drinks – Tea and Tea O. As an additional, we added grape.

The foods

Just when I had my fried bihun after the Nasi Tomato (heheeh), Hubby’s colleague arrived. I don’t feel nice to eat when guest is around, so.. yeahh… stop eating and entertaining guests and all the incoming calls – asking for direction. Goshhh... I did attach a map, but too bad I’m not good in mapping!! Sorry guys…

The cake only arrived at around 3.45pm. Jammed in MRR2! Thanks to e-caR. Met her via blogging. See… the bloggers are connected… :D

The yellow-blue-ish Upin Ipin themed cake.

Tiada org berani makan bhgn muka... :D

Half of the invitees didn’t turn up. *sigh*

Do you notice that Rayyan's is wearing the same color as the cake? I think I did on purpose. Heheh..

All and all, we enjoyed ourself and so did Rayyan. Thanks to Rayyan for being a good boy that afternoon. *grin*

Special thanks to all our dear friends for your presence, presents and tokens. Without you all, it won’t be a blast party for Rayyan and us.

With 2 of my colleagues - Aishah and Cindy
Hubby with some of his colleagues

Rayyan and the presents

Majurasa Catering can be contacted at 017-2323 424 (Naz)
e-Car at 012-373 3327 or visit her blog here.


  1. Jadi tuh kek bahagian muka...sapa lah kunun yang kasi abis :P....LOL!

    As long Rayyan is happy...we all are happy too...

    Once again, Happy Birthday to Rayyan!

  2. Happy birthday to Rayyan. Ya, Just, apalah jadi sama tu kek bahagian muka? hehe...kana kasi reserve utk bday boy ka tu? hihi...

  3. Mouren & Mama Mia ~ Last2 itu muka dia kena bw blk rmh and kena kasi putung2. Unduiiii... mumy sia yg mkn sbb dia suka. But to me, tu kek manis betul.

    AnnieMing ~ Rayyan says thank you. :D

  4. Happy Birthday Rayyan. Sori inda dapat pi due to work..:D.

    Cantiknya tu kek.. berapalah harga tu Just?.

  5. Nora ~ Tepa ba.. Thanks Nora. Kiut ba tu bank of bear. Heheheh..

    Tu kek 2kg RM100. Kalau 1kg, kicil cum kurus ba tu numbur 1. Hehehe..

  6. Hepi besday Rayyan, satu tahun suda ya :D

    Sori ah aunty teda bawa prezen :(

    But I wish you good health and love all around!

    So, sepa la makan tu kek yang bahagian muka?? *saspen*

  7. Cute si Rayyan dengan presents dia suma tu, ada yang lebih besar dari dia hehe...


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