Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raya Buffet Lunch

Another makan2 story by me in this post. A short & quick one…*wink*

Instead of “Raya Open House”, the company named it as “Raya Buffet Lunch” which was organized by the HR dept on last Thursday. They can name it whatever, but it is still a makan2 event… *grin*

I dunno what is so P&C about the makan2 as they only shoot out the memo a day before the event! Gheezzz… Due to the very short notice, few Muslim colleagues which have already applied for leaves miss the event. *sigh*

Well, the menu… macam biasa la… fried mihun, nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang ayam, 1 vege, popiah, samosa, fruits and sirap bandung.

If you notice, ppl prefer mihun compares to nasi impit
Other pics…

What were we doing here?? - Asked for a candid!! LOL

Left: Me & Sue Right: Cindy & me

Me and my barn budyy, Aishah... muahahhaha...


  1. Banyak lah ko kasi tapau utk 'man behind' ko tu?...heheheh

  2. wah.. inda habis2 makan bah.. ni yg siok ni.. :D

  3. MOB aka Mouren ~ Hahahah.. sia tapau 1 container rendang ayam. Asal ada nopo! :D

    Mama Mia ~ Boring kan cerita pasal makan ja.. hehe..

    Evelyn ~ Hehehe.. ujung thn sama awal thn mmg makan ja main agenda! Hahaha..

  4. Haha, ko main Barn Buddy??

    Kalo sya, sya suka tu nasi impit terutama ada kuah kacang lagi, aduuhhh, tapun ohhh...

  5. CMG aka Crystal ~ Hahaha.. first game FB sia tu. Tp, sia nda suka main tu game. Sia skrg concentrate sama tu Cafe sia. Hahahaha..

    Nasi impit kuah kacang sodap, nasi impit rendang pun sodappp... nyummmm.. :D


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