Friday, October 02, 2009

Story of the Week

Yeahh.. the rojak story.. *wink*

Wednesday (29/9/09)

Fire Drill Exercise

Krringgggggg… Escape time!

This is the first fire drill exercise conducted in this building since I joined the company for more than 4 years.

We were to climb down to ground floor from our office which is located at level 11. No lift please... Still ok la kan.. can you imagine the others that working at the 23rd floor? Pening kepala pusing2 tangga… *faint*
We all were just walking down calmly and boringly. Are we supposed to run? Anyway, do you think you will walk when it’s the real fire?! Nope huh??

As instructed, we gathered at the shop lots’ foyer for almost half an hour before we could return to the office.

Walking back to the office. Waiting for turn to enter the lift.

Mini Makan-Makan Raya

Why mini? Coz the makan-makan oleh involved less than 10 persons. Hehehe.. A dear colleague - Aishah, who is very good in weaving ketupat brought some of it and also the must-have rendang for our lunch today.

Luckily my MIL tapau some lemang from Sabah and I brought few to office.

By the way, hubby calls the lemang as burasan and my mom calls it kolupis.

Suppose, we planned to wear our baju raya today but due to fire drill exercise, we cancelled it. Moreover, I don’t have my baju raya with me coz I returned it back for alteration. Hehehe.. Dear Anty E, don’t worry, I didn’t blame you. I know you are reading this. *smile*

Thursday (1/10/09)
Pinkish Belated Bubday
Irene, the (belated) birthday lady celebrated her birthday yesterday. A friend and I thought of buying something for her. So, we went to Ampang Park and decided to buy her this…

Yup, the pink sandal. Obviously, she was suprised to receive the gift from us.


Cindy, another colleague promised to belanja Irene for lunch today; not only Irene but also me and 2 more colleagues. Yeahh...

Me, Mrs. Ong, Aishah, Irene (top right) and Cindy (bottom right)

Menu : Deep fried sweet & sour fish, Green curry chicken, garlic fried kailan , Telur dadar and Kangkung belacan (not in the pic)

A ‘busy’ week huh? lol


  1. wawa. bukan busy week tu.. "happy2 week" hihi.. sioknya kan kalu tiap2 hari ada aktiviti yg siok2 :)

  2. Biar la mini raya...yang penting major kepuasan makannn...

    Adeh, tu garlic fried kalian is my favorite tu...sadaap!! Berapa la harga mintak masak sayur mcm tu, Just?

  3. Kris and Nadia ~ Heheheh... sioknya kalau tiap2 mggu pun sehappy mcm previous week. Heheh..

    MOB aka Mouren ~ Ya ba kan.. major kepuasan yg mahal tu. Heheh..

    Total kawan sia byr ari tu RM68++. Tu ikan saja RM28! Tp, sia rasa kira murah sdh tu. We were expecting dlm RM100 ba kunun tu. Ntah2, salah kira... wahahaha..

  4. Uiii memang buzy ko ni haha... Bagus juga ko punya ofis tu macam ada resto di bawah?? Wah, sedapz tu sweet and sour, deep fried lagi! *tapun* ;D

  5. CMG aka Crystal ~ Tu resto tu different block ba tu.. tp still d bwh ofis la.. sedap betul kena deep fried.. nyumm...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p