Monday, November 16, 2009

The FOC Samsung Omnia!

If someone were to give you a SAMSUNG OMNIA and it’s for FOC, will you care if the device is a local or china set? *wink*

Let me list down the majors about Samsung OMNIA before I rant further:

1. 3.2“ touch LCD screen (skrg kan pamous touch screen ni!)
2. Wifi
3. GPS
4. 5.0mp camera
5. 16gb internal memory
6. 12.5mm Ultra-Slim body

Other functions, sama ja. So?? What do you think of the phone?

Samsung vs Anycall.. lol

I got this from my dearly Datuk - FOC! *smiling ear-to-ear*He’s not that bad huh?!

Here’s what happened earlier before he handed me the device.

Datuk : Pls call *** for me. You have her contact rite?

Me : Err.. sorry datuk. Can you just give me her number? It’s in my other hp. Left at home. Phone damaged. My son likes to taste the hp. I think the saliva should have damaged it. *10 cents-face*

Datuk : Mmm.. I see if I got spare hp for you.

This incident happened 2-3 times, before I finally got it from him last 2 weeks. *grin* Of coz I didn’t remind him ok. I tot he just cakap2 only. Hehehehe…

Datuk says he doesn’t know how to use the device or maybe he was just too lazy to play around with the hp since he already got a Blackberry.

Since the device is china set, instead of ‘Samsung’, you get a/an ‘Anycall’. lol Well, I heard some negatives about china phones. That make me hesistate to use the hp often specially downloading. *sigh* Haven't even change the setting. Need to go to mobile shop and yet I'm lazy. lol

Second gadget received after the lappy few months back. *wink*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missing Rayyan...

It’s the 11h day without Rayyan at home! *teary eyes* The house is so damn quiet!! The first two days were really weird!! Gheezzz…

On the 31/10, hubby and I sent mom and Rayyan to LCCT. Yup!! Both mom and Rayyan flew back to KK… for 3 weeks!! *sigh*

Taken at LCCT. Wallpaper for my hp. Eee... mcm mau cubit2 ja tu pipi c Rayyan!

Well, before mom agreed to come over to stay with me in KL, I convinced her that she can go back anytime she wants. Besides, with AirAsia, everyone can fly! LOL She deserves a break anyway even though Rayyan has to tag her along. Of coz, she doesn’t mind at all as it would be her pleasure to show off her lil’ grandson to my aunts, relatives and her friends. *wink*

This trip to KK has been planned since Rayyan was 1mth++. Yeahhh.. family planning!! *grin* Mom wanted to go back for “Sembahyang Kuburan”. Hubby always got irritated whenever I mentioned it. He says there is no such thing call sembahyang kuburan. Anyway, I’m not sure how to explain this. It’s an annual event which will be take place in early Nov (3rd or 4th day of Nov) at Menumbok and Kuala Penyu. This is when ppl will pay a visit to their passed away family members. Something likes that lah. *smile*

Besides, there will also be a wedding ceremony in Labuan next week. It’s my cousin’s wedding. So, mom has strong reason to go back. *grin*

Poor mom... she has to clean up our house at Beaufort all by herself which she only can do it when the lil’ boy went to bed! Glad that the
water issues has been resolved. Thanks to my aunt for her assistance in getting a plumber to install the water pump. *relief*

Till then… I’ll update more stories about Labuan, Beaufort and KK later coz I’m flying back to Labuan / KK next Thurs!!! Hoorayyy.. Can’t wait to hug my son!!

Missing you half deadly, son… Be a good boy there k…

Friday, November 06, 2009

Strawberry Pudding

I told myself that I MUST update my blog at least once a week even though I have got myself involved in the FB gaming world! Sh*t!! I know I know... The blame should go to me and myself and not FB!!! *sigh*

CUT!! Let’s just be straight to the point.

This entry should be tailing from the Rayyan’s Birthday post.

Anyway, since my invitation didn’t go to the entire colleague which only some of them were invited. Why? Err… Ntah la. Senang cerita, only those close were invited la. But still most of them could remember the birthday month of Rayyan. So nice of them kan?? So, I did a Strawberry Pudding especially for them. *wink*

Before I rant further, I wanna thanks to Nora for the idea! I curi her idea ok! LOL I found it simple and nice, so I decided to do the Strawberry Pudding.

At first, I thought of using her recipes. Somehow, the packet of pudding powder also has the method of preparing at the back of the packet. The major different between these two method is, Nora is using sweetened creamer while the packet is using evaporated milk, which I prefer evaporated milk.

The original method of preparing as per the packet (serving without strawberry):

1. Boil 3000ml of water, 100gm sugar (included in the packet) and 1can of 400ml evaporated milk.
2. Turn off the flame. Pour in pudding powder and stir for 5 minutes.
3. Add fruit sugar and mix well.
4. Pour into moulds. Set in refrigerator.

My version… or is it Nora’s??? *wink*


1. 1 packet of pudding powder (serbuk dadih – then only I know ‘dadih’ is pudding! Kesian sungguh!) – Check out the flavor coz I didn’t and I bought Yam!
2. Fresh strawberry
3. 1 can evaporated milk
4. 2500ml water

5. Set in refrigerator for 30 minutes and take out.
6. Put in the sliced strawberries slowly on top middle of the pudding on each container and restore to refrigerator. (I have to do this coz if I put in the strawberries first, tenggelam pulak strawberry tu. Huhuhuhu.. )


1. Slice strawberries into two, clean and put aside.
2. Boil 2500ml of water, 100gm sugar and 1can of 400ml evaporated milk.
3. Turn off the flame. Pour in pudding powder and stir for 5 minutes.
4. Pour into small plastic containers. Half full will do. (enough for 50 pax)

Ready to be served

The next day, I brought them to office and distribute to my dear colleague. Their comments?? Tasty! Jaga hati punya pasal kot... LOL