Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missing Rayyan...

It’s the 11h day without Rayyan at home! *teary eyes* The house is so damn quiet!! The first two days were really weird!! Gheezzz…

On the 31/10, hubby and I sent mom and Rayyan to LCCT. Yup!! Both mom and Rayyan flew back to KK… for 3 weeks!! *sigh*

Taken at LCCT. Wallpaper for my hp. Eee... mcm mau cubit2 ja tu pipi c Rayyan!

Well, before mom agreed to come over to stay with me in KL, I convinced her that she can go back anytime she wants. Besides, with AirAsia, everyone can fly! LOL She deserves a break anyway even though Rayyan has to tag her along. Of coz, she doesn’t mind at all as it would be her pleasure to show off her lil’ grandson to my aunts, relatives and her friends. *wink*

This trip to KK has been planned since Rayyan was 1mth++. Yeahhh.. family planning!! *grin* Mom wanted to go back for “Sembahyang Kuburan”. Hubby always got irritated whenever I mentioned it. He says there is no such thing call sembahyang kuburan. Anyway, I’m not sure how to explain this. It’s an annual event which will be take place in early Nov (3rd or 4th day of Nov) at Menumbok and Kuala Penyu. This is when ppl will pay a visit to their passed away family members. Something likes that lah. *smile*

Besides, there will also be a wedding ceremony in Labuan next week. It’s my cousin’s wedding. So, mom has strong reason to go back. *grin*

Poor mom... she has to clean up our house at Beaufort all by herself which she only can do it when the lil’ boy went to bed! Glad that the
water issues has been resolved. Thanks to my aunt for her assistance in getting a plumber to install the water pump. *relief*

Till then… I’ll update more stories about Labuan, Beaufort and KK later coz I’m flying back to Labuan / KK next Thurs!!! Hoorayyy.. Can’t wait to hug my son!!

Missing you half deadly, son… Be a good boy there k…


  1. Wowww... If me cannot lah leave without my boy hahahha..

    Have a nice day!

  2. alala...kalu sia berjauhan sama si van-van pun, misti rindu gila ni..belum pernah lagi berjauhan ni. :)

  3. hehehe bukan sembahyang kuburan bah...sembahyang for the souls of those who have died...tulah husband ko bilang theres no such thing as sembahyang kuburan...heheh...this time around yg urg selalu dtg pigi kasi bersih2 tu kuburan and offer prayers there. ala mcm juga kalau Muslim pigi kubur on first day of hari raya bah....kasi offer prayer :)

    sia buli imagine si rayyan kena bawa mum ko pi kasi jumpa2 all the aunties, uncles and relatives....bangga tu kasi jumpa cucu.

  4. Cath J ~ Hi CJ! Don't mind kan? C MK ba yg selalu sebut tu. Hihihii..

    Kalau mau berjauhan kan, terpaksa bw baju masing2 yg nda bercuci. Hehehe..

    Thanks for droppin' by ya.. You have a nice day too.. :D

  5. Mama Mia ~ Ko tau mia. Ramai jg kawan2 sabahan sia d kl ni yg terpksa hntr anak dorang blk kg sbb teda babysitter d sini. Berbulan2 lg tu. Naa.. lg teruk dr sia. Doiiii..

    Cuba ko taraiii.. hehehe..

  6. chegu carol ~ Heehehhe.. tu lidah sdh besa sebut tu sembahyang kuburan ba sbb dr kicil dgr kena sbut mcm tu gia. Urg kg2 besa la kan.

    Sia nda pernah lg p kubur on 1st day raya. I think my hubby's family nda practise tu. Ntah la..

    Hahahah.. bangga giler kan! :D

  7. 3 weeks??!! lamanya tu... tapi mo kasi kanal2 sama relative, ok juga baitu :D

    Have a pleasant flight kio.

  8. Hi Nessa. Ya lor. Ngam la baitu kan. Heheheh..

    Sure pnya pleasant flight la. MAS apa. Heheh..


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