Friday, November 06, 2009

Strawberry Pudding

I told myself that I MUST update my blog at least once a week even though I have got myself involved in the FB gaming world! Sh*t!! I know I know... The blame should go to me and myself and not FB!!! *sigh*

CUT!! Let’s just be straight to the point.

This entry should be tailing from the Rayyan’s Birthday post.

Anyway, since my invitation didn’t go to the entire colleague which only some of them were invited. Why? Err… Ntah la. Senang cerita, only those close were invited la. But still most of them could remember the birthday month of Rayyan. So nice of them kan?? So, I did a Strawberry Pudding especially for them. *wink*

Before I rant further, I wanna thanks to Nora for the idea! I curi her idea ok! LOL I found it simple and nice, so I decided to do the Strawberry Pudding.

At first, I thought of using her recipes. Somehow, the packet of pudding powder also has the method of preparing at the back of the packet. The major different between these two method is, Nora is using sweetened creamer while the packet is using evaporated milk, which I prefer evaporated milk.

The original method of preparing as per the packet (serving without strawberry):

1. Boil 3000ml of water, 100gm sugar (included in the packet) and 1can of 400ml evaporated milk.
2. Turn off the flame. Pour in pudding powder and stir for 5 minutes.
3. Add fruit sugar and mix well.
4. Pour into moulds. Set in refrigerator.

My version… or is it Nora’s??? *wink*


1. 1 packet of pudding powder (serbuk dadih – then only I know ‘dadih’ is pudding! Kesian sungguh!) – Check out the flavor coz I didn’t and I bought Yam!
2. Fresh strawberry
3. 1 can evaporated milk
4. 2500ml water

5. Set in refrigerator for 30 minutes and take out.
6. Put in the sliced strawberries slowly on top middle of the pudding on each container and restore to refrigerator. (I have to do this coz if I put in the strawberries first, tenggelam pulak strawberry tu. Huhuhuhu.. )


1. Slice strawberries into two, clean and put aside.
2. Boil 2500ml of water, 100gm sugar and 1can of 400ml evaporated milk.
3. Turn off the flame. Pour in pudding powder and stir for 5 minutes.
4. Pour into small plastic containers. Half full will do. (enough for 50 pax)

Ready to be served

The next day, I brought them to office and distribute to my dear colleague. Their comments?? Tasty! Jaga hati punya pasal kot... LOL


  1. hehehe mengkali betul2 sedap baitu dadih yg ko bikin. hehe.

  2. Hi Just,

    Hehe.. last time I also happened to know that Dadih is puding. All this while I tot its agar-agar.

    Nampak nyummy and nice your version tu warna pink lagi..,senang ja kan mau buat tu, tapi sia punya dulu manis sikit ba..hehe. maybe sebab sia guna sweetened creamer tu kali..:D

  3. FB GAMES? Ko pi tanam2 sayur kah or Ghost Trapper?..ekekekke! Tapikan ,banyak betul tu game...cilaka betul kasi ketagihan urang!!

    Jeles sia sama ko nie...ada saja masa 'main masak-masak'. Jadi 'man behind' tulung jaga anak lah masa nie...ekekekekke!

  4. wah.. bestnya.. sya kalu teda crita malas mau update blog ni..huhu.. wawa.. i wish someday sya ble pudding yg paling sodap.. :) hihi...

  5. mell ~ Hheheh.. harap2 begitu laitu.. :D

    Nora ~ Hahaha.. I tot sia saturang ja yg inda tau. Bikin malu betul ba. Hahahah..

    Oya ka.. sebelum tu pudding masuk fridge, sia rasa dulu. Mcm ok la rasa dia. Tp bila sdh jadi pudding, sia nda pandai makan sdh. Ntah napa.

    Ba, lain kali buli buat lg version lain since my mom pun suka. :D

  6. MOB aka Mouren ~ Sia concentrate satu ja game skrg ni, CAFE WORLD. Kekeke.. mmg bikin ketagih! Ko ada main ka??

    Time buat ni pudding ni, c kicil sia sdh titun lor. Man behind tgk tv. Kikiki..

    Setakat main masak2 ok la. Tp kalau mau masak betul2, nda sanggup sia. Kikiki..

  7. Kris and Nadia ~ Sia pun sama ba. Kalau teda story best2, teda la update. Tp, bila jarang update blog kan, misti ada ba jg cerita tu kunun. Cuma mau tau rajin ka nda ja. Hehehe..

    Ko try la buat tu pudding. Nnt ko misti ckp.. ceh.. sinang ja pulak! Hihi..

    Carmelliny ~ I believe they are delicious. Kakakaka..

  8. makanan free memang sadap bah..hihi...

    anyway, sia pun baru tau dadih = pudding. You are not alone my fren. :D

  9. wah..strawberries toppingS? must be very very tasty and sweet.. hhmmm...

  10. I think sya pun macam mo buat honey dew pudding la ni. Sya suka betul kalo pasal jelly2 ni tapi sya pun nda pernah tau nama dia dadih. Tsk!

  11. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba pulak tu kan.. free foods is always yummy!!

    Ramai pulak yg nda tau kan. Sia rasa urg d kl ni ja ba yg panggil dadih...

    Reanaclaire ~ You like strawberries aren't you? I don't. Ahaks. But, some of them are sour.. Gulppp..

    CMG aka Crystal ~ naa.. lps ko buat, ko blog aa. Sia pun mau tgk jg rupa dia. Hehehe.. Naa kan.. ko pun baru tau! Mmg urg KK nda tau la tu. Hihihi..

  12. yum-yum! my feveret ni... yogurt pudding... any flavors pun talan seja :D

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