Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Labuan Story and Wedding of Wendy & Madi

Stale story from me... *wink*

The trip to Labuan-Beaufort-KK last month was the most tiring trip we had ever! Time kawin pun nda penat mcm ni! LOL Tiring yet fun though! When it comes to family gathering, no matter how cramp the house will be and no matter how long queue it is to enter the toilet, yet it is still fun!!!

So, where do I begin? Hmm…

19 Nov 2009 @ KLIA-Labuan

Since the air tickets between MAS and AirAsia were almost the same when we wanted to do the booking, of coz we choose MAS! Why we landed Labuan and not KK? Coz the main reason for the trip is to attend my cousin’s wedding in Labuan.

The moment we arrived at the arrival hall, our lil’ Rayyan was already waiting for us. *smile* He looked at us as if he is downloading data and he only wants his dad, not the mom! *sigh* Besar sdh dia! Hitam sdh dia! lol

20 Nov 2009 @Ujana Kewangan, Labuan
Since we were quite free this morning, we went for a short jalan-jalan at UK. The aunt’s sibuk mau beli jewelleries. Poor uncles have to wait hours!

The best part is my long college friend dropped by to meet me. A very short catch-up after 10 years! Phew… Goshh.. It’s been sooooo longggggggg… Nice to see you, Biey. See you again in… errr… 10 years??? Lol

We headed to Bandar for cigarette’s shopping before we went home. One of the must-purchase items in Labuan other than Chocolates and Beers! *wink*

At nite, BBQ-ing!

21 Nov 2009

By noon, the house was already cramped with families from KK, Kuala Penyu and Beaufort! *faint* For those first timer aka new member of the family might feel a lil uncomfy, however I am so lucky that my hubby didn’t complaint much and got no prob at all to join the others. Great job hubby!!

My Rayyan?? Rayyan did give us some hard times but well, what do you expect from a 13mths boy kan? He only allowed few people to carry him; my mom, daddy, Uncle Nick and other IF he is in good mood.

At nite, Majlis Persandingan di rmh pengantin lelaki. A simple ceremony with golden themed. Can you believe that most of us didn’t even touch any foods during the ceremony??? Not becoz the foods are not tasty enuff, but we were too busy capturing photos. Gheezzz…

Our family – the bride’s family were requested to perform the Sumazau dance while the bridegroom’s family performed poco-poco and joget.
Upacara penyampaian hadiah by the pengantin pun ada! They did organize some games for the teens. Can’t recalled the games thou. Two lucky guests with the couple’s pic on their seats went home with prizes too. Sempat jg oo kan??

22 Nov 2009

Everyone is busy this morning. Rite after breaksfast, the guys went to hall for hall’s setting for tonite’s wedding reception, some arrived yesterday went for a shopping, some at home doing cleaning, etc.

And you know what? I got the SAME dress with my cousin’s wife for the wedding reception! Sh*t! Was looking for some thing to cover up the coincident! Huhuhuhuh..

Few more families arriving today for the wedding reception tonite. No more free spaces! Phew… Even the bathrooms (2 units) started busy since 3pm. *Faint* All were busy dressing up. The young-Mak Andam and her assistance only came at 6.30pm to prepare the Bride. To me, the Mak Andam was slow and blur. Too young for Mak Andam I guess. The assistance didn’t help much. Not good in make-up or hairstyling. *sigh*

7.30pm, we all departed to the hall, Labuan Golf Club. It’s a simple reception here. The families to the Bride were requested to wear in pink. Food was catered and placed outside the hall. I think things will be organized if the food is served on each table. But the wedding cake memang cantik! *grin*

Can’t remember what time we went back home, but it should be before midnite.

I think that’s all about Labuan. We have to come back next time for the real cuti2 as we especially hubby didn’t even have the chance to visit the interesting places of Labuan.

All and all, family gathering is always a good things to do... *wink*


  1. Fuyoo..meriah juga tu Just, Siok mau tinggu gambar-gambar kamu heheh..

    Little Rayan pun besar sudah kan hehehe..:D

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  3. Paling best about wedding kan is theme colors, ahaks!

    Suka sia tgk warna pink dress ko, Just. Tapi susah pulak sia mau tinguk mcm mn cutting dress ko nie dlm gambar (hahaha...tu pulak!)

    After LA for Labuan, UK pulak dipopularkan for Ujana Kewangan....ekekeke! (Fuhhhh..jauh kamurang pigi oh UK LA!...hihihiih)

  4. Cantiknya ko in pink. :) You mean, ini dress yang ko 'accident'? I think macam nda ketara bah kalo sama theme and style ihiks! :D

  5. Nora ~ Mmg meriah Nora. Lama betul sdh nda gathering yg betul2 ni. Panat pun berbaloi2 jg. Hehehe..

    Ya besar sdh dia kan..

    Mouren ~ Ya lor. But for sanding, teda theme.

    Cutting ka yg mau ditgk ni.. ba, nnt sia create satu entry pasal baju sia kio.. hehe.. a simple dress ja ba.

    Hahahah... Mmg jauh perjalanan kami. KL-LA-UK-Menumbuk-Bfort-KK-KL!! Puas c Rayyan berjalan sana sini. Heheh..

  6. Crystal ~ Yup, that's the dress. Nnt sia post satu entry lg pasal ni baju. Baru la buli nmpk lg ketara. Mcm kami pula the flower girls. Hahaah..

  7. spoil juga kan kalu ter'accident' baju ni..hihi..waiting for the special entry on the dress itself..*wink*

  8. Hahahah.. ya ba mia. Kalau sempat cari dress lain, kompom sia p cari lain. Last2 smpat cari bunga kicil ja. Apa buli buat la..

    Nnt sia post aa.. :D


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