Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh No... We have the same dress!!

After we bought our tickets for the Labuan’s trip last month, I started to think of what to wear for the wedding reception. Biasa la... perempuan!

Was thinking to wear my maroon dress which I bought few years back but never wear before. Time sales, beli ja la. Heheheh… If you wonder, muat lagi ka nda… muat ba!! lol

It was kinda confirm until mum received a call from my aunt in Labuan. Bride’s families are requested to wear in pink! *sigh*

A week before our departure to Labuan, I went to shop alone at Times Square. Hubby has to work on that Saturday. Moreover, I purposely wanted to shop alone! Heheheh… Lagi puas hati ba dapat jalan2 keluar masuk kedai without anyone waiting for you with the sour-face! lol

I spent I think 3 hours in Times Square that day when I finally grabbed a pink dress; a simple and cheap pink dress! It only cost me RM15 ok! *wink*

At home, I texted my cousin’s wife in Kuching asked if she has bought hers. She replied no and I told her that I got mine with only RM15. Since her friend will be coming over to KL in couple of days, she wanted to ask her friend to buy for her a pink dress. So she asked me where I bought mine. Without realizing that I’m putting myself in a risk (ceh!!), I simply told her the shop’s name.

So… basically, this is how the coincident happened!! I thought the MMS I sent to her will give her a better idea. Can I put the blame to her friend?? *sigh*

When she arrive Labuan a day before the wedding reception, then only we knew that we got the same dress! Goshhhhhh…

It was just too late to grab another dress. So, here’s what I bought to cover them up. But, not helping also. lol

Only used 2 out 10 pcs coz I find it very messy pulak.
Me and Corina

Do we look like the bridesmaid??

Hope there is no more next time! *wink*

By the way, wishing all of u a very warm and blessed Xmas! MERRY XMAS! Ho ho ho.. Santa Claus is coming to town... :D


  1. Sweet dress !! love it.. inda pa bah sama.. mebbe dorg ingat kamurang pun bridesmaid :)

  2. do you all look like the bridemaids? yes, you do...hehe..

  3. so coincidence pula kan.. tapi mimang nampak betul2 mcm bridesmaid ni ;)

    btw, nice pink dress!

  4. Hehe... Kalo ko nda kastau, mcm ngam + cantik seja kamu pakai tu dress sama2 coz' memang macam bridesmaid, so, nda obvious bah. ;-)

  5. Evelyn ~ Heheh.. Iya kali kan. Tp misti dorang heran napa ni bridemaid nda duduk sama2 tu pengantin. Hihihihi..

    Mama Mia ~ Ya ka Mia? Telampau pink ba semua. Bkn mcm bridemaids lg. Tp mcm flower girls.. opss.. flower ladies la pulak.. Hahah..

  6. AnnieMing ~ Itu la ba tu. Bikin heran betul!! Thanks for the pujian. Kikiki..

    Crystal aka CMG ~ Nda obvious jg? Kasi sinang ati sia ja ko ni. Hahhaah..

    Anyway, hrp2 no next time la. Weird ba jg.. hihihi..

  7. ekekekee...nasib suma pun pink, jadi nda lah nampak betul teaksiden baju kamu.. Ok juga bah.. :D


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