Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tablet Computers??

Currently, I have two laptops at home and both were FOC! I did share about them with you all. Anyway, just to refresh your mind… click here for my first lappy and here for my second lappy.

Since both of them do not have the built-in webcam, plus the not-so-slim-body, I thought of having a new slimmer laptop or desktop or notebook or you name it for me. I always got confuse with all the terms. *sigh*

If I really need to buy one, I think research or buying guide is what I have to do. So I won’t regret after the purchase. Rite?

Thanks to the Laptop Computers buying guide. It really helps. You might at least get the idea for features to consider such as :

- Weight and portability
- RAM (Random Access Memory)
- Chip speed (CPU)
- WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity
- Battery Life
- Warranty

I like the Top Picks where it list down for you the models of laptops based on overall, budget, thin and light, gaming, great battery life, etc. So, define your need and pick your model!

The thin and light categories brought me to this…

Wowww… The super-slim DELL XPS M1330. Sexy red! *drooling*

By the way, there is another new coolest toys on the computer markets; Tablet Computers. You heard about it before? No? Let me share some info with you guys.

Tablet Computers have :

- optional landscape or portrait view ability to suit all needs, especially in tight spaces
- High screen responsiveness for easy use of the pen stick.
- Biometric fingerprint reader for enabling security features is especially important on slate models that lack a keyboard for entering passwords.

Oh noo… the more I study, the more I confuse! Too many choices!! *roll eyes*


  1. Mama Mia ~ Hahahah.. apa lg! Jarang2 ba gia sia dpt opp ni. So, misti nda dilepaskan pnya. Hehehe..


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