Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrappin' Up 2010

First of all, I would like to CONGRATZ Harimau Malaya, our national football team for winning the AFF Suzuki Cup! It's a 14-years wait! And thanks to our PM for declaring a HOLIDAY TOMORROW!! Save jugak my 1-day leave!

But HR haven't confirm that! The co has the right not to cancel those who has submitted earlier leave if the holiday declared is not gazetted????!! What the F*ck! Sorryyyy... betul2 bikin panas!! 

Ok... back to track... Malas mau fikir!

This will be my last entry for this year as I will on leave starting noon today and only coming back to office on  the 6th! I didn't prepare any sheduled posts during my away. So, my blog will be missing me! Or should I say me missing my blog!! Yayyy..

So many things had happened this year! The good and the bad.

The bad... the thing that I never thought will happen to me and my family. It's not that I never thought it won't happen at all coz I know nothing is perfect in this world. But I don't expect it will happen as early as in 3 years!! - Sorry guys. I will keep on creating ayat2 tergantung' coz banyak hati & perasaan yg kena jaga!- Yayyy... ayat skema!

No matter how I wish it didn't happen but I couldn't change the fact and the history! So, it still there, somewhere around my life! The impact causing huge scar in my entire life! But still... life has to goes on no matter how bad kan (padahal ada lagi org lain lagi bernasib buruk). So, yeahhh... I'm still holding on and hoping it won't happen again in future coz I really can't take it... seriously!!

OMG... ter-emo la pulak!! Need to quickly change the topic!

So, the good one??? We have new family member this year! Who else kalau bukan our Ryanna Adrilea @ Lily! She is now coming to 6 mths old. Despite of the surprise pregnancy, we couldn't say no to it kan... So, we can now spotting package for 2 adults and 2 children! Yayyyyy...

Happy family by Google

That's it for 2010! Hoping for a new beginning in 2011! Chowwww.... Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GA here, GA there... Contest here, Contest there...

You wonder why I rajin join GA here, GA there... contest here, contest there?? I tell you why...

1. When I don't have any idea to blog out, GA and contest is what I do.. I purposely created another blog for it coz I want to avoid the too-many-banners at my sidebar on my "Cornering blog". Sorry to say that...  Maybe I'm ok with that but not to some of my fellow visitors.... So, better that way la kan...

2. Just hoping for luck... *wink* So far, I don't have luck in GA. But at least, ada jugak contest yg sangkut! Heee... Frankly, I prefer contest than GA! Sort of regret jugak coz I should organize contest rather than GA that day yang for the BO tu... ok ok.. past is past..

3. Some organizers are even kind enuff to give extras than what has been promised. In fact, there are also organizers willing to giveaway sample of products from their online shops to all the participants! Wohooooo...

4. Last but not least, FOR FUN! Kalah menang, adat la kan! 

Speaking of item 3, I have received souvenirs from Giveaway Murah Hati that I joined early this month.

Products from her online shop : kamiherba
-Detox foot patch
-Slimming patch
-Slimming soap
The organizer also giving away free photo watermark for all the participants!! *clap hands* This is what I wanted!!

Before she started with the design, I have roughly gave her the idea coz I want it for my Just's Shoppe!

The sample took from her blog
Can't wait for the photo watermark to be emailed to me! Yayyy...

Cau cin cau.... *wink*

Rayyan Listed in Top 50 Show Your Teeth Baby Contest!

It was a contest I entered last month which ended 3/12/2010. Due to busy-ness, the blog owner only revealed the Top 50 this morning.

The 25 among the Top 50. Spot Rayyan??

I am so happy that Rayyan is in the list! Being listed in Top 50 out of 156 participants?! Phewww... Juling mata ooooo.... @.@

Next, I hope Rayyan will be listed in the Top 25! *tamaha*

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Home

This year's Christmas, we didn't go anyway. Only stayed at home, spending qualities time with the kids.

Early morning, mom and bro went to church. So, me and hubby have to urus the kids! Rayyan woke up very early today @ 8.30am! Normally, he only off from the bed at 11++am!

After we bathed the kids, we dressed them up in red. Saja la kasi mood Christmas.  Hee...

Mr. Rayyan busy with his new toy! Serius ja ni!

My sunshine Lily! Suka tgk dia smiling!

Mom and bro came back almost 12pm. We had a simple cookings for our lunch.

And I had mom to buy a cake from Jusco. *wink*

If you wonder something... we do not have exchange gift! It's a never in our family. I don't know why. Maybe because my family is more to CNY celebration. So, we normally gather during CNY, not Christmas. Besides, there are only 3 of us in the family if there is no gathering. So, what do you expect? Anyway, no big deal ba... the heart that matter kan? *wink*

So yeah... that's my plain-Christmas's story for this year...

1001 Tuesday Tips #9

Morning all....

To my new visitors and followers, every Tuesday I will be posting Tips for you all. Any kind of tips from head to toe... from kitchen to garden... where I named it as 1001 Tuesday Tips. *wink*

However, this would be the last Tuesday Tips for this year as I thought of something else for next year! *fingers-cross*

The final Tips from Just's Corner:


Often we use salt to cure tootache rite?? How bout vinegar? What you need to do is just add in few drops of vinegar into a glass of warm water and rinse. Hope you feel better after doing that!
Just type 'TIPS' at my seach box for other cool tips.

Till then.. Smile coz we are entering 2011 in few more days! *wink*

Monday, December 27, 2010

Before flying back to KK!

Oh yess!! It’s my turn tu take leaves! And yess… I am going back to my hometown – Kota Kinabalu! When?? This coming Thursday, nite! For how long?? Until January, 5th!!

In other words, I will be celebrating 2011 in KK!! Wooohoooooo!! Bukan senang tau celebrate New Year di KK coz I only fly back for either CNY or Hari Raya! And of coz if there is any special occasion to attend to PROVIDED IF I can afford the last-minute-flight-fares! Heee...

Mini blogger gathering?? I dunno coz I know all will be buzy with their own NY planning. Sis Mouren, Stella, Ellen… contact2 ja kio…

Gambar hiasan sbb hati sdh di KK!

And before I started my leaves, I will be occupying my few lazy-days with minutes of meeting!! One done, one more to go! No matter how lazy, I have to force myself to finish it by today!! Need to circulate the minutes before I on leaves!! *sigh*

I wonder how Sis Mouren does it! I know. When one is really in critical situation, he/she will finish the tasks no matter how hard!! Rite?

Ok.. so guys.. don’t expect any updates from me these 2 days ya!

Notes : I wanted to update my no-so-happening-xmas but I forgot to bring memory card pulak! D@ng!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Warm Greetings

May joy and happiness snow on you
May the bells jingle for you
May Santa be extra good to you!

Merry Christmas!

From Just and family!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Presents

Heheheheh... I told you I'm not getting any surprises from Hubby.

So, yesterday, we purposely didn't drive to work. We purposely took LRT/bus to office. Why? Coz we wanted to go to SOGO! Heeee... To avoid the jam, we prefer taking LRT.

The buffday girl with her banana split and ice blended mocha expresso @ Secret Recipe

Almost went back with zero-handed! Phewww... I am very fussy when it comes to handbag. Only managed to grab what i want at the 2nd round! Hubby almost give-up already. Huhuhu...

So, the new handbag replacing my current one will be....

Have tried not to pick white or black colour handbag!
Polo handbag @ RM83++ after 70% less!

BO inside the handbag!
On top of that, I got new purse as well, replacing my 4-years-old-purse. Ngeh ngeh...

So red!!! BUM purse @RM49++ after 50% less

Thanks so much hubby! I love you! *wink*

Xmas Lunch @ Office

Before it got stale after Xmas, need to post this ASAP! Hee...

Since most of the staff has already taking leaves yesterday, so the company has arranged a Xmas lunch on Tuesday.

It was the most fun and enjoy Xmas celebration ever! My boss, Datuk Teh,  the founder of the company, was there with us too. For records, he never join us for lunch! Always find an excuse not to be there! So, since he is in good mood, we really took the advantage of his attendance. *smiling ear-to-ear*

Let's the photo talks...

The xmas tree and exchange-gift presents

My boss is not really fond in decorating the office when it comes to any celebrations. Hence, the Xmas tree is such a WOW!!

Top left : My boss 'launched' the ceremony by carving the turkeyBottom : Apa lagi... makan!!! Enjoyed the friend prawn very much!

We also had the exchange gifts during the makan-makan. Before that, all presents have been named accordingly. Each of us will have to pick a name from the box. That person with the name picked will have to step out and hand his/her gift to the person who picked his/her name!

The happy faces!
Next, photo snapping session…

We also managed to get a Group Photo for our Construction Division. Only 2 person is not in the photo. Bukan senang mau gambar ada Datuk!

Me dekat2 sama Boss!

The unwrapped of gifts! I'm the only one with two gifts. Datuk's one was given to me! Thanks Datuk! Hee...

My gift!! I loike it very much!! The pink and the cat really remind me of Annieming!

Datuk's gift which handed to me - the lunch box set & Johnson lotion

Overall, all of us went back to our workstation with happy faces! *wink*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday Lunch Treat

By my dear colleagues of the Marketing dept!

Where? At Haji Shahrin Low Grand Restaurant, a Chinese-Muslim restaurant located at Wisma Chinese Chamber, Jln Ampang. 10 minutes drive from our office!

We planned to go there for a lunch before this but it was cancelled so this was my first time! *wink*

Ermmm... I got this 'like' feeling when I entered the restaurant. Simple restaurant without much 'wow'. But, I like it.

Top pic - colleague placing order. The girl in tudung speaks cantonese macam air!
Bottom right - cutlery cleaning

What have been ordered??

Top - Belacan Fried Rice
Bottom - Ying Yong

Top - Fried Salted Egg Tofu
Bottom Left - Butter Prawn
Bottom Right - Baby Long Beans with Udang Kering

Burppppp... excuse me! Heee....

We finished everything except the fried rice which they tapau and gave it to me! Tepksa la bawa ni tapau pi Sogo! Hahahahha...

Wanna know the total bill?

RM108 for 5 pax! Ok what!

Thumbs up to the restaurant. Will definitely bring family to dine in here in future! *wink*

To Jamie, Kak Zizah, Ms. Chee and Mr. Wong... Thank you very much for the lunch treat!! *hugs*

31 Years Ago

... on this day, 23 December.. I was born!

Yayyyy... It's my birthday today!! Another year wiser! *grin*

It was a quiet Sunday about 9++am! Well, it is 2 days before Xmas. What do you expect. Most ppl already go back kampung for Xmas. Even my dad was not there with us. Only my aunt staying with us.

It was a sudden labour! Mom didn't make it to the hospital and yess... I was delivered at home!! LOL Why can't I wait another 2 more days kan? Huhuhu..

Well, I didn't expect any surprise from hubby as I already informed him that I seriously need new handbag! Hehehehe...

As usual, will hunt for one together with him! Not today. Tomorrow maybe. Sogo.. here I come!! *drooling*

Anyway, many many happy returns to myself. Lets hope for a better tomorrow! *pray*

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now and Then

A short entry from me.

Was actually browsing my photo albums. Can guess the 'now and then'?? Heheheh...


Photo taken in Sept 2010


As printed on the photo, it was taken in Dec 1989.
This year was when we started live with the only 3 of us!

OMG!!! 21 years ago at the same place. You know where it is? Kuwasa!

Terasa tua pula tiba2. Time really blink so fast huh! *wink*

Awesome Referrer Award

... by pretty Beaty!!

This award is specially created by Beaty for those listed in her Traffic Source!! Dalam kesibukan, sempat jg dia bagi award! Thanks babe!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saya Nak Masuk Bloglist Ellen

A dear blogger friend, Ellen has invited me to join her Segmen Khas Ellen. I missed the Part I actually. Luckily she is generous enuff to ‘create’ the Part II which will be closing at 12.35am on 25/12/2010.

I might not creative in posting entry but hey… the support that counts rite! Besides, she has indirectly referred 10 participants for my Just Corner BO Giveaway and won herself a BO for being the Top Referrer! (Sis, ko sdh dpt tu BO ka?) So, this is my payback time!! *wink*

Since she constantly updates her blog, honestly, I missed quite a nos of her entries! *sigh* Sometimes, sempat ‘shout’ saja! *sorry Ellen*

OMG!! 14 BEs??? I would never imagine if I could get that much of BEs from Nuffnang!! I got really inspired with that! I hope one day I can post an entry with the title ‘Just’s Corner’s 14 BEs from Nuffnang!’ *angan2 mat jenin la pulak!*

Ok.. what else? Giving comment(s)?! I am never good in commenting! *sigh* What to comment about Ellen’s blog ya?? Hmm…

1. Simple and minimal decorated blog but I like! Sejuk mata memandang coz x sarat dgn benda2 lain.

2. Information-oriented! Good one! Keep it up sis! Perhaps, you can balance it up with your personal-family-routine-activities stories.. cadangan semata2. Hihihi... 

3. Last but not least... create signature for your post! 

Phewww.... punya susah when it comes to commenting!

Anyway, by creating and submitting this entry, i might won myself one of the following. Oppss... the amount stated is for mobile top up ok!

** Entry Paling Kreatif-------RM30.00
** Backlink terbanyak yang Ellen dapat dari Entry tersebut ----RM20.00
 ** Peserta Terawal-----RM20.00 (sudah dikebas org lain!)
 ** 3 entry terbaik-----RM10.00 setiap satu.
Ok... now senang hati coz assignment done! Yeay! *wink*

1001 Tuesday Tips #8 *updated*

Morning all....

To my new visitors and followers, every Tuesday I will be posting Tips for you all. Any kind of tips from head to toe... from kitchen to garden... where I named it as 1001 Tuesday Tips. *wink*

Tips of the week :

Smelly feet?

Image source : Google

Smear coconut oil on both feet before go to bed everynite.

Just type 'TIPS' at my seach box for other cool tips.

Till then.. Smile coz this Saturday is Xmas!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dragon Ballz All in One DVD

That’s the prezzy I handed to hubby on his buffday after we came back home from office last Friday! He was sooo happy and surprise the minute he unwrapped the prezzy!


Well, it was last two weeks Sunday when we went to Jusco. I was actually planning to buy him a set of pen! Was cracking my head low and high on how to get rid of him. Dushhhh!!

While wandering, we dropped by at the entrance of Speedy. There he saw this Dragon Ballz DVD! The complete set - episode 1 to 153 with Malay & English Subtitles!! Selling at RM89.90 with 50% discount!! Wooohooo…. Worth buying kan??!!


Of coz he wanted to buy it but I told him ‘later la’. Month end ka… luckily he said ok. So, we moved to other section. That was when I told him to wait for me coz I’m going to the toilet, kunun! Lol… You know what happened next rite?! Hihihihi…

He has wanted to buy one for so long. Great to fine one AND with discount!! *wink*

Before that, I have actually already placed a box of handmade cookies (supporting officemate punya pasal!) with a card on his cupboard, in the morning! So, I guess that drove him to surprise coz he didn’t expect anything else from me. *grin*

The card

The Homemade Cookies

Besides, we went for lunch also on the same day! Of coz it was my treat! Di mana lagik kalau bkn Starbucks! Our fav! Time constraint, so tidak bulih banyak songeh! Hee…

Hubby's Nasi Lemak

My fav Fish n Chips

This coming Thursday, will be mine pulak! ^_^

Little Fingers Appreciation Awards

Another award received! *wink*

This award has been awarded to me as one of the the receipients quite some times already. But only today managed to blog bout it. Sorry yer eB!

A lil' appreciation award to eB's follower. Very kind of her.

Thanks a bunch eB! As much as you appreciate your dear follower. Me appreciate your award too... *wink*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Your Blog Is So Cantik Award

Got this award from Azura.

Btw, the Q&A is the almost the same as the award of Anugerah Blogger Harapan... apa2 la kan..  

Anyway, I don't mind to repeat it though... *wink*

1. Berikan satu nickname untuk pemberi award ni.
- Azura

2. Ucapan untuk pemberi award.
- Thanks moy... terharu  me trus... ;p

3. Berikan nama 6 artis yang kamu minati.
- stacy | Bunkface | Sammie Cheng (who else ah?)

4. Beri award kepada 10 rakan blog atau follower.
- Sila2 kan la ambik award ini yer... *wink*

Last but not least Azura has added 1 more Q to this award...
5. Apa azam baru kamu untuk tahun 2011? Azam tahun 2010 pula tercapai tak?
- Azam 2011 mau ada home sweet home and 'P'!! Azam tahun 2010, mau ada P tp terpksa postpone sbb dpt Lily!!! Hahahahah...

Till then, enjoy your day! *wink*

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love Award

I wanna say THANKS to Lina, Ayie, BabyYats and c3kz for this Love Award... so lovely of you all!

As usual, award comes along with Q&A...

1. Siapa orang yang korang paling sayang?

Orang yg paling saya sayang ialah ahli keluarga saya terutamanya anak2 saya!

2. Kenapa korang sayang orang yang korang sayang tue?

sebab saya telah 'membesar' bersama2 mereka dari sejak mereka di dalam perut lagik dan saya akan terus belajar bersama mereka tentang kehidupan! *kelip mata*

3.Berikan satu kata-kata sayang yang terbaik yang korang nak lafazkan kepada orang yang korang sayang, tapi masih tak mampu lagi untuk dilafazkan.

Dear Rayyan and Lily, mommy hope that mommy can be the best mommy in the world to both of you. Love you two so very much! *touching2 pulak*

4. lepas tue,korang tag kat 15 orang blogger untuk sampaikan salam kasih sayang korang tue..

Nak tag kat ibu2 blogger. Anda tau siapa anda! Chakkk..

Selamat berhujung minggu!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Hi guys…

Something came up this morning and ruined my mood! I got completely emo and now only I realize that it is all because of my monthly Aunt Visit! *sigh*

Anyway, to my dearest hubby… Happy Birthday to you!

Image source : google

Yes… It’s his birthday today. The 32nd birthday! Not 23rd ya!! Pls bear that in mind! Hehehe…

Image source : google

Well, both hubby and I are not good in giving surprises! But, at least I did it once and made him blushed! Hahahah...

For today, nope.. no cake ordered. No special celebration. Present? Yes definitely! But, will post it later k..

Till then, happy Friday. *wink*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jom Heboh @ Bukit Jalil

Last Sunday, we went to Jom Heboh @ Bukit Jalil. Yep, before Rayyan got his ping-pong-ball-forehead!

It was my 2nd time to be at the Jom Heboh. The first time was in 2008 where I went a group with my in-law sibling. While this round, only the two of us - me and dearest hubby!! Mmg trip bujang!! LOL

Well, i don't think it's appropriate to bring the kids to this kind of activity. Berjemur di tengah2 panas with the crowd?! No and nope!

The rest, photos do the talking... *wink*

Utk cucian mata umum ja kali ni...

The first booth was Teh Sabah! Guess what.. those girls punya la sporting menari poco-poco bila lagu kena pasang.. hee..

This was the crowd for Melodi! Didn't manage to see anything at all!

Me sibuk memborong sakan!

Hehehe... trip bujang!

Ok.. going back now...

Not much of shopping though... Most bags were sold at RM10/bag. If not worth it, we didn't buy. Sbb yg bikin mahal, itu bag dia ja ba tu!

And I was lucky coz I managed to grab two Kellogg's bags with RM10! Meaning, 4 large boxes with only RM10! Ngam2 Happy Hour!!! Yipeee...

Basically, I purchased :

1. Silky for men EDT (2 bottles - RM15/bottle)
2. Horlicks - RM10/bag
3. Old White Town Coffee - RM10/packet
4. Kelloggs - RM10 for 2 bags each with 2 large boxes
5. Dutch Lady - 2 bags (milk and yogurt)

The above already cost me RM80! Phewww... Ok la tu kan... kalau nda 'behave', can cost me RM150 jg oo! *wink*

Next Jom Heboh... mmm... teda la! Heeee....

Us @ Pavilion

Am going to occupy myself with two minutes of meeting! Baru dua pun!! Awal2 surrender sdh sama sis Mouren!

Meanwhile, you guys enjoy my photos at Pavilion k... *wink*

Sempat posing di atas sblm turun. Ketidaksabaran!

Start badmood sdh c Rayyan. Susah!!

Sdh ckp nda buli enter.. ada jg org enter tu area utk bersnap2! Kami jg yg bagus! ;p

Me on actions!! Datang mood baitu! Heheehe...

Instead of Lily, Rayyan pulak guna stroller!

Check out Xmas trees at Pavilion too... *wink*