Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Out Again…

Remember how I collapse at my house’s toilet last year??

It happened again… on Monday… in the train!! Goshhhh!!

Train was kinda late than usual that day, so we didn’t manage to get a seat. Leave us no choice but to stand. The train was getting crowded at each station. The worst was when the train keeps on stopping.

Usually, from Cahaya station to Masjid Jamek station which is 10 stations away will have to take max 20 minutes.

Suddenly, after Pudu Station (3 more stations), I started feeling uneasy. Mcm sesak nafas. I told hubby and lean on the door. The next I thing I know I was already on the floor and I heard hubby was calling me. With hubby’s assistance, I stood up weakly and confusedly. A lady who sat nearest to us was then let away her seat to me.

I know some of them are still looking at me. Wonder what they have in their mind. They must have thought that I fall asleep and fall down!! Gheezzz… But, terpaksa juga kasi tebal muka!!

Lucky jugak because I have not changed train to Putra, otherwise hubby will not be there for me.. *sigh*

We then disembarked at Sultan Ismail Station instead of Masjid Jamek station and fetched back the next train to Cahaya. Going to my fav clinic, Klinik Idzham at Pandan Jaya. Told doc what happened before she checked my blood pressure – Slightly low; below 60!

Why low blood pressure? You’ll have to wait till my next post. Hehehe..

Anyway, here’s what I get following the black out, fainted and fell down on Monday…

Lebam lagik.. Hmm..


  1. OMG Just..i hope you are OK..well i already know the real reason of your fainting, but am not going to say anything just take care there..Bahaya ko ni pengsan2..

  2. oh i thought u on de way back home..rupanya on d way p keja. KaDusMama, i'm keeping my mouth zipped also...Take care, Just..

  3. KadusMama ~ Itu la. Mcm trauma pulak sia. Takut jg kalau pengsan time saturang2.

    Mama Mia ~ Ya, pagi ba Mia time p kerja.

    Thanks guys for zipping mouths. :D

  4. Mmg bikin risau btl tgk my beloved wife jatuh pengsan. Sebab apa? saya pun diam2 ja la jugak... zipped!

  5. hmmm bayaya juga owh...luckily masi ada hubby ko kan.
    ok i dunno why u faited. guess i have to wait till next post. for now, i kep guessing ja and my guess is...bun in the oven? ;)

  6. aiks.. bahaya ni.. take a good care ya.. and thank God bah your hubby still ada sama ko waktu tu..

  7. wah...scary juga.. luckily hubby with you ohhh....

  8. Hi Just,

    Me too already know the reason your faint. Gosh..take care tau. Low blood pressure?. I guess you need to eat more meet and multivitamin tu Just..

  9. I think I also know la... but still I'll wait for your next post. Glad you are okay, though. Just take good care and have some rest. :-)

  10. Guys.. thanks for you all pnya concern. Ya.. nasib baik hubby ada time tu. Yep, taking vitamins now. Meat??? Ok, I'll try.. ;p

  11. Carmelliny ~ aduhhh... sia bkn vege person ba! hati ayam?? takut sia dgr.. nda sia pernah mkn tu benda seumur idup! Deiii...


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