Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My First Post for 2010...

It’s the second week of 2010 and yet I haven’t post any entry on my Xmas or New Year’s celebrations. In fact, this is my first entry this year!! Gheezz... There were no special celebrations anyway. *sigh*

Was thinking to have a Xmas tree at home. Jeles jugak sama pokok Xmas c Chegu Carol. Hehehe... But, not now la… my little Rayyan will happily collapse the tree for sure!! *wink*

However, we did have a makan-makan Xmas at the office on Xmas's Eve and had a changing presents as well. *Grin*
The cake and foods we had for Xmas

The mini Xmas tree and the presents

The happy faces after dpt hadiah masing2. lol

As for the Xmas day itself, after mom and bro came back from church, we went to Sungai Wang jalan2. Sungai Wang was full of ppl! Gheezz.. Shouldn’t go there at the first place! Earlier, my aunt has invited us to her house. Just wanna lepak sama2. *smile*

@ Sg Wang

New Year... Oh please! Even we both and hubby were allowed to go back early on New Year’s Eve, we’re not going anywhere! We’re not going to stuck ourselves in the car in the middle of the road! Staying at home is always the best option while counting to New Year. *wink*

10 minutes before 12am, we purposely woke my Rayyan up, so that he won’t miss the fireworks. Poor lil’ boy! From our kitchen yard, we could see fireworks from Dataran Merdeka, KLCC and also Bukit Bintang. Wow! Very mencuci mata la. *grin* Walaupun mamai2, I think Rayyan enjoys watching them too. Heheh…

Till then… ^_^


  1. Ya, your place tu macam hotel view bah, macam2 bulih nampak, so, beruntung ko kan! :-) Bah, apa la ko dapat time exchange gifts tu ahhh??? Haha, busy body oh sya kan. ;-D

  2. if i'm in your shoes, i'll be happy to stay at home on New Year eve..lagi best kan, nda payah bersesak pun dapat tingu fireworks juga..hihi..

    ya, Just, sia pun curious mcm si Crystal. apa la hadiah ko dapat? hehe..

  3. Hahaha.. kamu aa.. sia pun terlupa mau tulis kan.. nda tersnap pun tu hadiah sbb sampai ja rmh c rayyan gembira betul mcm dia pnya hadiah ja. Hahahaha.. Sia dpt cookies sama toplerone!! Kikiki..


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