Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Layout

Finally, I got the chance to change my layout today. New year and new layout! *wink*

Been hunting for new layout for few days and yesterday, shortlisted few that I think I like . Hehehe... Since I'm extra free today (Datuk's not around!), after reviewing all layouts in my list, finally I pick this one out this round. The cheerful lady and the color (no more pink!) that made me stick to it. *grin*

Ntah bila pulak mau tukar layout lepas ni. Hehehe.. Chiaoooo... ^_^


  1. Like this new layout, Just~! Nampak ceria nih..

  2. No more pink?!...hahahaha.... Less pink is better bah kan...ekekeke

    Adoi! tiba2 terpikir mau tukar layout blog sia lagi...;p

  3. hi..nice blog u have...i'm following u

  4. AnnieMing ~ Tu la.. nmpk ceria kan??!!

    Mouren ~ Hahahaha.. Ya ba. Mcm terlampau 'girly' ba tu kalau pink kan. Sorry aaa sama pengemar2 pink. Heheheh..

    Hahaahah... ko baru tukar tu layout tu. Mau tukar lg?? Aisehh... Ko tahan2 la dulu sampai tgh thn ka. Hihihih..

    Vienne ~ Hi there. Thanks for dropping by and following too. Will visit you soon.. :D

  5. i like this layout...the lady is so cute! :)


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