Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The twin 3!

A Choc Sponge cake for Mom’s 53th birthday on last Sunday. Believe it or not, the cake cutting ceremony only took place at nite, about 9.30pm. Timing is not an issue since only four of us – mom, me, hubby and Rayyan which already on his pajamas. LOL

Rayyan at the same day turns exactly 15 months aka 1 year and 3 months! Well…

** He can’t even speak any single word yet, only ba-ba-ba, ta-ta-ta, ka-ka-ka…
** But, he walks as if he can run now
** He can climb and sit on the sofa
** Sometime he crawls but not to the front, but to the back
** When mom takes a small green plate and a biscuit, he knows it’s for him… so, he’ll quickly sit down, waiting for his ‘meal’
** When he wants his nenen, he went to his table (where we place all his bottles, milk powder and thermos) and make some noise. Rite after the nenen is ready, he quickly run towards the room and lie down

** When mom’s hp rings, he will ‘tell’ mom
** Sometime one of his shoe will accidentally drop off while we carry him, he’ll turns back and ‘tell’

you to pick up his shoe
** It is not easy to bring him to supermarket now. He wants what he wants!! Adoiiii…
** If he got the chance, I think he would stay at the corridor to play with the other kids! He will takes the house key and ask you to open the grill for him *roll eyes*

I think the above list is enuff for the time being. We’ll talk about Rayyan later. *wink*

No wonder Rayyan seems disliking me since we were in Labuan and even until now I seldom got the chance to carry him. In fact, I can’t always carry him because he is just too active. He will climbs on your tummy!! *faint* And the fact is... he is the first person to know about the belly, I guess!! I never know that children will act differently and also giving you some hard time when they sense of ‘someone’ else… Hmm… What say you??


  1. Hi just,

    Alala so comel. I think betul juga tu, maybe dia tau dulu tu pasal the baby hehe..but I think whatever it is, rayyan will be a good brother..dont worry :D

  2. crawls backward? mcm mana tu ar..hehe..funny juga si Rayyan ni.

    pasal yg pigi supermarket tu, mmg susah mau handle itu situation. it'll get even harder when he's my daughter,suka2 saja pick brg2 from the shelves..semua pun dia mau..hehe

  3. Nora ~ Bnyk betul ragam dia skrg ni. Kuat lg tulang dia tu. Mmg susah mau jaga. Yeah.. pandai la dia syg n protect adik dia tu. :D

    Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia. Kalau dtg jajal dia tu, naaa... gitu la gaya dia tu. Sambil senyum2 n ketawa2. Adidi...

    Skrg mmg kami kasi msk ja dia dlm trolley. Tp kalau dia penat, minta kena dukung la tu. Lps tu apa2 yg dekat sama tgn dia, naa.. misti mau pigang. Kalau nda, pandai mau menangis. Kuat lg tu. Aisehhh.. Mcm mendera pulak! Cehhh..


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