Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The TWO Lines…

I guess most of you can smell it already. *grin*

A mth ago, I can feel something is wrong somewhere with me. I felt kinda nausea and extra tiredness specially in the morning. These happened for 3-4 days before a colleague pointed out “u ni mcm berisi jer??!” Gulpppppp…

Am I?? Impossible!! It was Sept since my last Auntie Visit. I’m pregnant for 3mths ++???!! Noooooooo…

With heavy hearted, I, with the company of my hubby headed to Guardian and bought the pregnancy test kit. It’s a loooooonnnnggg nite for me. Have to wait till the next morning to run the test; to get the 99.9% accurate result.

I’m soooo worried. I haven’t get myself prepared for the second pregnancy. Not so soon! At least, not until April this year! There were so many things in my head. Perhaps I’m still phobia / trauma with Rayyan’s condition though there is nothing serious. I didn’t get myself prepared properly as well last round. At least, consuming Acid Folic few months before conceive. Couldn’t afford to repeat such mistake. *sigh*

I’m sooo worried that even my mom can read the face. She also tumpang worried. Hubby on the other hand, is smiling ear to ear. Hmm…

It’s Saturday and I woke up as early as 7am!!! Ghezzz… Went to pee together with the pregnancy test kit! The result???

Positive!! *faint*

Hubby was the first one to receive the news followed by a close cuz of mine and mom! I was speechless and worried for the whole week wondering how could I get pregnant??!! Buduh kan?? Well, of coz I have strong reasons for that. *wink* Let just say… the ‘family planning’ didn’t work out as I/we wish! *sigh*

So, we went to do the ultrasound/scan the next day. Based on it, the doc said the baby is only about 7-8 weeks which is not tally with my LMP. Perhaps the irregular Auntie Visit I had since duuuuluuuu causing the instability. Entah la… Doc advised to have another scan in couple of weeks for verification. Anyway, EDD given was 1/8/10. Phewww… I’m going to give birth again??!!! *Double sigh*

1st scan 13 Dec 2009 : 7-8 weeks

I do not have a choice but to accept the fact that I’M PREGNANT! And I have to go through the entire clinic’s visits again. *roll eyes* Instead of worry-ing all the time, I think I have to face it happily, think positive and hope for the best! Rite??

Yeahh... been keeping this news for a month. Since I experienced miscarriage before, I know that I’m not going to share anything at least until the 3rd month. At least, he/she is more stable at that stage. Besides, kinda pantang juga ba tu… entah la…

As advised, went for another scan early of this month. Doc said I’m at 10-11 week. This round, hubby and I could see the baby clearer. In fact, the baby is very active. We could see him/her ‘jumping’ and shaking the leg and hand actively. *relief*

2nd scan 3 Jan 2010 : 10-11 weeks

At earlier stage, I have this ‘nite sickness’ instead of morning sickness. I puke most of the time after having my dinner. *sigh* So, I prefer something light rather than heavy meal at nite. Moreover, I’m not a vege or meat person. So, the eating styles contribute to the low blood pressure I guess… *double sigh*

Anyway, I’m getting better now. The nite sickness seems gone already. *relief* Till then… Pray for me guys… *smile*


  1. Hi Just,

    Even I already knew the good news weeks ago, but I still want to wish you a big CONGRATULATION.

    Dont worry too much. Its a Rezeki.. Me and hubby also will try to get another one. Wish me Luck..wink* wink*

    Oh ya, on the vegie tu, me too not vegie person kan, so during my preganncy last time,I drink a lot of this drinks brand VeGood. Its 100% vegetables and the taste is not bad too. Mana -mana pun ada jual tu, even in Pasaraya Hero pun ada. The price reasonable juga. Cubalah try. At list ada juga vitamin.

  2. Hi Just.. Congratulation!!!
    I know how worry were you .. cos I too experienced some problem bah in my 2nd pregnancy.. so when comes the 3rd one.. mcm2 la sia pikir.. but don't worry so much ya.. Cheers!! *HugS*

  3. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....finally...Rayyan goin to be big bro already!!

    Congrats! congrats! Adadada...sia pula terharu....uhuhuh!

    Bah, just take care yourself ^_6

  4. *hugs* I am congratulating you again ,Just...Congratulations!

    Dont worry to much..enjoy your journey on becoming 2nd time mommy..Cheers!

  5. Tahniah Just and hubby... hehe :D Here's wishing you a smooth pregnancy ah. Take care!

  6. Hihi... Congratz! *smiling from ear to ear*

  7. Nora ~ Thanks Nora. Yep, rezeki sia awal kan. Hehehe... It's good to hear that you trying too.. Good luck kio..

    Thanks for the product recommendation too. Will hunt for it. :D

    Evelyn ~ Mmg normal ba tu kan. Thanks for the advice kio.. :D

    Mouren ~ Heheheh... Tekazut ko aa!! Kekekek.. Thanks anyway.

  8. Mama Mia ~ Thanks Mia. Yep, mau nda mau misti mau enjoy lor. Kalau nda, susah jg. Mcm ada kawan sia ni. Adoiii... ari2 komplen psl morning sickness dia. Hmm..

    Nessa ~ Hi there. Kinda miss you pulak. Heehehe.. Anyway, thanks ya.. :D

    Crystal ~ Thanks Crystal.. :D

  9. Congrats~!! Wah.. Rayyan must be very happy to be a big brother ^_^ I'm happy to hear this good news..

  10. AnnieMing ~ Thansk Annie. Happy la mengkali. Bnyk ragam ada la. Hehehe... Ba, ko bila lg?? Kikiki..

  11. "the family planning didn’t work out as I/we wish!"... sdh rezeki.. Rayyan become a big brother.. x buli manja2 sdh.. *smile*

  12. "the family planning didn’t work out as I/we wish!"... sdh rezeki.. Rayyan become a big brother.. x buli manja2 sdh.. *smile*

  13. halo... im so sori didnt get a chance to comment & congrats you :) congratulation.. yeay.. bilalah turn sya ni :) hihihi...

  14. Nadia ~ It's ok. Thanks anyway. Hehehe.. ko pun nda sabar2 sdh aa.. ;p

  15. Awwww congratulations Just!
    That's a great news biar pun ko bilang ko blm ready. Hehehe...

  16. Chegu Carol ~ Thanks Carol. Mcmana blm ready skali pun, bila sdh limpas 3 bln ni, happy2 sdh kunun. Heheh..

  17. dui kelambatan sia wish ko dalam blog.. :D
    Congratsss sekali lagi Just..
    Take care ko sana..

  18. I hope i'm not too late to congratulate you.. hehe Congrats Just.. Take good care of yourself k.. ;)

  19. Kadus Mama & Miss Sab ~ Thanks guys.. :D


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