Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY & V-Day 2010

So, how’s your holiday?? How is CNY? How is V-Day?? I better post bout my CNY stories before Chap Go Mei... *wink*

Well, we just put on something reddish on CNY morning, breakfast with Kuih Kapit and photographing session. So dull!! I miss family gathering during CNY specially childhood!! Hmmm…

Dad and son main cubuk2...

The family pic without my bro..

Since V-Day falls on the same day, hubby and I decided to go for movie. Hehehe… So, we sent mom and Rayyan to my uncle’s house at Gombak. At least, they are not bored at home. *wink*

TGV KLCC was full of people. We were lucky that there was an express lane for selected movies and Valentine’s Day fell under the express lane. *grin* Another 1.5 hour for the movie, but only the first front row seats available. We have no choice but to proceed. Hmm… the last round we went for movie couple years ago also sitting at the front row. Nasib la…
Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy about intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles breaking up and making up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day. I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Ok la… I think my hubby sure find it quite boring. Hihihi..

CNY Day 2, we went to The Mines Wonderland. They have more attractions last 5 years compare now. Hmm… Current package only includes Water Taxi, Musical Fountain and Mini Animal Zoo which cost me RM32 per pax. No more train ride, road tram, vintage car and snow house like before. Still we proceed since mom and hubby never entering the ‘land’ before.


Rayyan is so scared of the giant tiger but still mau curi2 tingu..

one out the two tigers in the Mini Animal Zoo. Dua2 pun tidurrrrr..

That’s all bout my CNY this year. Must really plan of something next year if we are not going back to KK for CNY. ^_^


  1. Wah best juga kamu punya CNY holiday just hehe. Kami pun ada pi tinggu movie tapi cerita wolfman pula, sebab tiket free sia menang hari tu cuma untuk movie keluaran UPI. Sayang juga kalau inda terguna hehe....

    Btw, Happy belated CNY to u and family..:D

  2. enjoy juga kamurang during CNY outing.. ;)

  3. Nora ~ Heheh.. Ya ba, syg jg tu tiket free kalau nda guna. Bkn senang mau menang. Tp, mcm (bkn lg mcm) blk2 jg ko menang kan.. Hahah..

    Mama Mia ~ Heheh.. Tepksa la plan something kalau nda blk KK time CNY. Kalau nda, semcm ja rasa. :D


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