Thursday, February 11, 2010

Extra $$$ via FB

It was my BIL who introduced this biz to us. How it works?

Ok… In any biz, there will be a MODAL. In this case, you will need to sacrifice RM100 at the beginning.

The RM100 goes to your upline, to whom you registered yourself to. The upline will then activate your account and you will have to work hard and harder to promote the biz, to get a downline.

The downlines will then do the same things as what you did. When you get a downline, you already got your modal back. See?

Actually, you can promote it anytime, anywhere. But, why FB??? Because everyone has FB account and you get in touch with friends via FB DAILY (rite??), as simple as that. So, FB is the best place to promote your biz!

Well, that the basic of the biz. To find more info about this biz, pls click here and here.

If interested, sign up yourself here by clicking the JOIN button.

Pls excuse this post yaa.. I know some might not interested in this kind of ‘scam’… but it really works.

Proven with BIL's and SIL's acc

Till then, GONG XI FA CHAI AND HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY... Enjoy your holidays. *wink*


  1. Hi Just,

    Macam best ni... tapi sia inda pandai cari orang bawah bah. Very bad in Marketing.. I doubted I will get the pulangan heheheh..

  2. Nora ~ Heheh.. sia pun very bad in marketing ba. Thats why hubby ja yg join n sia tulung2 ja mana yg patut kunun. Hahah..

    Alaa.. sure balik modal pnya la. Takkan 1 org pun teda yg interested kan. After cari 4 org, ko stop la. Let them do the rest, cari downline.. Heheh..

    Mama Mia ~ Ok jg ni Mia kalau mau try. Nda semestinya promote through FB ba tp so far FB mmg the best medium la. :D


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