Monday, February 08, 2010

KLIA.. KLIA.. Where are you??

While reading a scary post of Nora, I recall a weird experience I had few years back.

We (me and my 3 SILs – masa tu blm jadi SIL lg.) were on the way to send one of my future-SIL to KLIA whose flight was at about 8pm++.

As usual when these 3 girls gather, they could chat like 100 yrs didn’t see each other. They were chatting non-stop all the way to KLIA. I, like usual prefer listening and sometime menyampuk sikit2 while enjoying the outside views.

After the Nilai R&R, we should actually be able to see the signboards of KLIA giving the instruction to turn left. Since we didn’t notice any signboard of KLIA, we just proceed without questioning and yet still hoping to be able to see the signboard further up. Besides, how are we supposed to turn left if there is no junction? Rite? So, yeahhh… journey continued and the 3 of them still chit-chatting.

I was on the other hand feeling kind of weird. The KLIA junction should not be too far away from the Nilai R&R, I thought! But, I keep my mouth shut with worry. The minute when we passed by a Petronas station, then only a big question mark came out from the driver-SIL.

“Bkn mau dekat KLIA baru ada Petronas ka???”

And yes... we lost!! We had reached the Seremban’s toll gate! Great!!! So, we made some sort like U-turn. Instead of u-turn back using the highway, we use the ‘jalan kampung’ which make things worst. Makin sesat pulak!! Sudah la makin gelap gelita + sunyi sepi + surrounded by palm trees… Goshhh… scary!!!

I think it took us an hour jugak sesat dalam hutan tu. Thank god we found a kedai kupi siring jalan, of coz it’s a kampong area but biasa la kampong kan… sunyi ja kalau sdh gelap. So, we asked the direction to KLIA. The other SIL got pissed off sbb mau tertinggal kapal sdh. Hahahah… So, she took over the driver seat and drove like
Michael Schumacher… lol

And finally, we managed to reach KLIA just on time before the check-in counter close. Phewww…

So, what’s actually going on? Well, when we passed by the
Nilai Memorial Park just after the Nilai R&R, the 3 sibling were actually talking something bout the chinese’s funeral & burial and making fun of it. Hmm.. So I guess, there are 'people' out there who is unhappy hearing all the 'nonsense' and 'closed' our eyes! What do you think??

So far, this is the weirdest experience ever happened to me. Hmm... I think there is one more. But, will share it some other time k..


  1. Hi Just,

    ee bikin takut juga tu hehe.. I can imagine you all sesat to the kampung area sorrounded with the palm tree somemore..sebab kami pun pernah sesat there juga time mau pigi goverment office di Putrajaya dulu..but that time siang. If night time memang bikin takut tu hehe. Luckily ramai kamu.

    Itulah, next time kalau mau lalu tempat-tempat keras macam tu, be careful on what we said, becouse..they around us actualy and they can hear hehhehe..

  2. so, the moral of the story, be careful of what you say..bcos it may offend others.. :)

    wuii..berani juga kamurang ikut jalan kampung malam2.. :)

  3. Nora ~ Siang mmg la nda brp takut kan. Bila sdh gelap, pnya la gelap & sunyi... mmg bikin takut!

    Itu la.. sampai skrg sia marah tu kalau ada sepa2 yg mau tegur apa2 kalau sdh mlm...

    Mama Mia ~ Ya ba Mia. Mgkin psl msh siang kan, so nda sangka la..

    SIL sia ba jg yg suggest ikut jln kg tu sbb short cut kunun. Tp dia pun nda sure. Gamble pnya psl naa sesat. Dr blm gelap sampai gelap cari jalan... ;p

  4. eee.. kin takut oh.. kambang trus bulu2 roma :(

    so far sia tia pernah sesat or went thru insiden seram mcm tu lg so palis-palis jauh-jauh...

    banyak crita sia dingar esp yang masuk hutan... sampai sia fobia mo pi hutan suda dii.

    tapi dulu masa sia masi skolah bukan main rajin lagi pi sana airterjun, masuk hutan jalan bukit siring2 sungai lagi tu!!

  5. Nessa ~ Actually, teda apa2 jg ba mau bikin takut kalau masuk hutan kalau pandai jaga sikit tu mulut. Hehehe.. Tp tu la.. kalau time ramai2 komfom terlepas ckp...

    Dulu time sia p naik gunung for the 1st time pun berabis betul sia kasi zip mulut. Takut tesasat d gunung. Hehehehe...


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