Thursday, February 25, 2010

Legend Hotel & Vouchers

We went to Legend Hotel last Sunday. A guy from the hotel called hubby invited us to attend an hour briefing session.

Alaa... you know la... marketing strategy to promote their holiday packages. It’s like you create a saving acc for a holiday package of 24 years with RM15k-RM25k packages! *faint* The hotel even offers a loan for it! Phewww… However, I don’t think I’m interested to increse my monthly expenses and commitments at the moment. *grin*

So, we just listen and visited their rooms, gym and swimming pool.

Buruk betul muka that guy after we refused to sign up on any of the packages offered! Poor him…

As promised, we still get our FOC vouchers at the end of the session! *smiling ear-to-ear*

Since I can't join any slimming programme at the moment, am thinking to sale it off at RM250. Interested?? T&C as shown...

My next vacation.... Cherating!! *wink*


  1. kesian the guy tapi apa bulih buat kan kalau urang nda mau kan..takkan mau paksa..

  2. Mama Mia ~ Ya lor. Tepksa kerja keras la cari customer lg. Susah ba line dorang ni. Surrender sia!


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