Friday, March 26, 2010

Cough Cough GO AWAY

Been coughing for the past few days. *cough*

I was on MC last Tuesday. Since I’m having mild fever, Doc also prescribed me Paracetamol, ubat batuk & ubat sakit tekak. Bikin risau ba makan ubat time preggy ni… Huhuhu…

With heavy hearted, I had a teaspoon instead of 2 teaspoons of the ubat batuk at that nite and NO MORE medicine the following days till today. Some advices from dear friends really make me worries on medicine intake issues.

I think the cough is getting worse now. I am also pretty sure that my Datuk must have heard me coughing badly from his room and that is why he rarely ‘disturbs’ me. Or he worries that he will get contaminated?! Ahakss.. Anyway, thanks for your understanding, boss!

Seriously, what do you think of medicine intake during pregnancy? Some says, avoid taking any medicine during the first trimester; second and third trimesters could be excused. Other says, totally no medicine during the entire pregnancy period. Hmm...

I’m on the other hand can’t stop thinking that I was on medicine during the 1st trimester as I was not aware that I’m actually pregnant! *slap forehead* I really wish me and baby are in tip top condition! *pray*

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vaginal Discharge what I am suffering with for the past 2 months! *sigh*

I don’t remember having serious prob with the discharge during my last pregnancy. Hmmm… I know it’s common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy but I silently hoping that the prob will eventually disappear soon. Somehow, hope is just a hope!

The private part is itchy, burning & reddish and sometimes swollen and smelly. There were times when the itchiness attack, I feel like… yeahhh… you know!! *double sigh*

I browse the net to find out if there is anything I can do about the discharge. Here’s the copy & paste info from :

There's nothing you can do to stop the flow - What???, but you can use panty liners to absorb it if you need to (Yeah, I even change the brands as if the brands are the causes. But who know kan??). (Don't use tampons during pregnancy.)

To keep your genital area healthy, keep it clean, always wipe from front to back, and wear cotton underwear. Avoid tight pants, nylons, bubble bath, scented pads or toilet paper, feminine hygiene sprays, and scented or deodorant soaps.

And don't douche — douching can upset the normal balance of vaginal flora and increase your risk of a vaginal infection. What's more, doctors and midwives discourage douching during pregnancy because in rare cases it can introduce air into your circulatory system through the vagina, which can cause serious complications.

Mama Mia was kind enuff helping me to browse the relevant info and found this page for the traditional remedies to resolve this prob. *relief*

Another ex-colleague also recommended me to buy a hygiene wash which is extract from the Daun Sirih (betel leaf). I am aware that it is not advisable to douche. But since it is extract from Daun Sirih, perhaps we can give it a try. So after work yesterday, hubby and I went to Mydin to look for the hygiene wash and bought it with just RM4.80 for 200ml.

Sumber Ayu Hygiene Wash

Hope it works. *pray*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cousin = Lover??

A & B are cousins. Close cousins! A’s dad and B’s mom are sibling. A is a Catholic lady and B is a Muslim man. B’s mom converted after dating with B’s dad.

Not sure what went wrong… They have entered into new stage of their relationship = LOVE!!! Often we heard ppl saying love is blind. How true!

They managed to keep their relationship as secret as possible for 2 years before the family members discover about them and it was during a family gathering!! Phewww…

Of coz none of the family member could accept the fact that they are dating specially A’s mom! Why? When? How? What worried them the most is when the org tua2 at kampong find out bout the news… You know la adat2 and pantang2 ni…

Things get even worse when other families, Family C and Family D tried to persuade this couple themselves. To me, the best is we should leave it to Family A & B to settle the problem. Opinion from others family member is welcome but action, leave it to the respective family la. What happened was Family A and Family D pulak yg gaduh… apa kes?? *sigh*

Finally, A & B declared that they have already broken up and no longer together. For a year plus plus… everything is silence and one day… News was spread around, again!

A’s mom has finally agreed with the relationship and the magic part is the org tua at kampong also has ‘approved’ the relationship with condition of sogit of satu ikur karabau! What???

It’s shocking news ok. That easy meh?? Something must be wronged somewhere!!
The org tua turned out to be in a very shocked and confused when receiving the news and simply said yes with heavy-hearted. Regret of his unpredictable decision, both Family A and B were asked to go back to kampong for further explanations.

Eventually, A and B once again are to be separated and reminded that they are both COUSIN only!! No more than that! Phewww…

Have u ever heard something like this??

Friday, March 05, 2010

L & P

Well, one of my target this year is to have a driving licence and of coz to be able to drive! Ouchh.. So malu to disclose and to admit that I don’t have a driving licence and I can’t drive either. *sigh* However, it is still not too late for me kan? Better late than never! *wink*

So when bro went to register himself at IMKL early this year, I registered myself too. *grin* Actually, I registered and attended the class before, but I failed the JPJ test few years back and I totally ignore it since then. Too frustrated I guess. Now, I have to start it all over again! What a waste kan?! *double sigh*

Anyway, I have completed Part I of it and got my L which cost me RM350! Before that, I have to suffer with 2 damn boring 6 hours class sessions! *faint*

At first, I thought of proceeding with the driving classes when I obtained my L. Somehow, JPJ required a letter of approval from doctor which I think is impossible due to my current condition – MILD ANEMIA! Hmmm… no choice but to wait till the end of the year to get my P.

Went for my 19 weeks check-up yesterday. My hemoglobin level dropped from 10.7 (first visit) to 10.3 (current)! Goshh… The nurse warned me that one of the risks would be pre-mature labour. *touchwood* So, have to eat more spinach or shellfish after this! *sigh*

Mom was very worried to hear the news. She scared that I would end up like her when she is having my bro – kena tambah darah! Starting last two nites, chicken soup and spinach are my must have dishes! Erkkkkk…

Since I’m kinda curious whether I’m going to have a Tiger Baby Boy or Tiger Baby Gurl, we went for a scan. Heheheh… However, baby is shy-shy cat pulak! Frustrated jugak la… hmmm…

And I’m done with my L&P issues for both driving licence and baby’s gender. *wink*