Friday, March 26, 2010

Cough Cough GO AWAY

Been coughing for the past few days. *cough*

I was on MC last Tuesday. Since I’m having mild fever, Doc also prescribed me Paracetamol, ubat batuk & ubat sakit tekak. Bikin risau ba makan ubat time preggy ni… Huhuhu…

With heavy hearted, I had a teaspoon instead of 2 teaspoons of the ubat batuk at that nite and NO MORE medicine the following days till today. Some advices from dear friends really make me worries on medicine intake issues.

I think the cough is getting worse now. I am also pretty sure that my Datuk must have heard me coughing badly from his room and that is why he rarely ‘disturbs’ me. Or he worries that he will get contaminated?! Ahakss.. Anyway, thanks for your understanding, boss!

Seriously, what do you think of medicine intake during pregnancy? Some says, avoid taking any medicine during the first trimester; second and third trimesters could be excused. Other says, totally no medicine during the entire pregnancy period. Hmm...

I’m on the other hand can’t stop thinking that I was on medicine during the 1st trimester as I was not aware that I’m actually pregnant! *slap forehead* I really wish me and baby are in tip top condition! *pray*


  1. I'm praying here tooo...! Take care dear...

  2. Think positive, dont worry too much..InsyaAllah everything will be allright.

  3. MOB ~ Thanks Mouren..

    Nora ~ Yeahh.. At first, I managed to keep that positive thinking. somehow, this bad cough kill it away pulak.. hmm..

  4. How's your cough? Getting better i hope. :) Don't worry too much,Just..worry too much pun nda juga baik utk kesihatan.

  5. Mama Mia ~ I am ok now Mia. Thanks.. :D


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