Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cousin = Lover??

A & B are cousins. Close cousins! A’s dad and B’s mom are sibling. A is a Catholic lady and B is a Muslim man. B’s mom converted after dating with B’s dad.

Not sure what went wrong… They have entered into new stage of their relationship = LOVE!!! Often we heard ppl saying love is blind. How true!

They managed to keep their relationship as secret as possible for 2 years before the family members discover about them and it was during a family gathering!! Phewww…

Of coz none of the family member could accept the fact that they are dating specially A’s mom! Why? When? How? What worried them the most is when the org tua2 at kampong find out bout the news… You know la adat2 and pantang2 ni…

Things get even worse when other families, Family C and Family D tried to persuade this couple themselves. To me, the best is we should leave it to Family A & B to settle the problem. Opinion from others family member is welcome but action, leave it to the respective family la. What happened was Family A and Family D pulak yg gaduh… apa kes?? *sigh*

Finally, A & B declared that they have already broken up and no longer together. For a year plus plus… everything is silence and one day… News was spread around, again!

A’s mom has finally agreed with the relationship and the magic part is the org tua at kampong also has ‘approved’ the relationship with condition of sogit of satu ikur karabau! What???

It’s shocking news ok. That easy meh?? Something must be wronged somewhere!!
The org tua turned out to be in a very shocked and confused when receiving the news and simply said yes with heavy-hearted. Regret of his unpredictable decision, both Family A and B were asked to go back to kampong for further explanations.

Eventually, A and B once again are to be separated and reminded that they are both COUSIN only!! No more than that! Phewww…

Have u ever heard something like this??


  1. thats complicated kan?

  2. My young sister married to my second cousin. Our grandma & his grandpa are siblings. First kena tentang jg but, they were accepted jg eventually of cos with sogit la.

    Anything can happen, susah predict the future.

  3. Chegu Carol ~ mmg susah! Shudn't start it from the beginning. Buang masa ja kan.. hmm..

    Adora ~ Even ada sogit pun, still ada kesan dia in future. D kg bnyk kes mcm ni. So, the family nda mau ambil risk. Nda mau ada yg menyesal in future..

  4. pening kepala sia baca ni cerita,Just..

    but personally, i think it is best to avoid marriage between close relative. cousin should stay cousin saja...

    To A & B, kesian..cinta nda kesampaian tapi sia rasa diorang pun suda expect benda2 begini akan timbul kan..

  5. Complicated..

    Ada juga sa pernah dingar cerita gini, my friend yg kestau cerita sinta dia punya parents. Her mum & dad ialah 1st cousins, tus pasal mau kawin juga, durang mesti sogit karabau.. Tus durang mesti kaC putung itu karabau d sungai yg bercabang dua & darah dia mengalir d kedua2 cabang sungai sbg tanda putus saudara.. Baru la buli kawin.

  6. Mama Mia ~ Hehe.. kalau ko dgr dr A to Z lg pening. Hehhe..

    Anyway, itu la ba tu.. this kind of relationship mmg patut di-avoid ba. Syg jg ba.. 3 thn abis mcm tu ja.. serius pun nda guna kalau nda kesampaian kan.. Pa buli buat la..

    AnnieMing ~ Mcm tu ka pulak?? Depend cara d kg masing2 la ba tu kan. Tp, tu la.. komplikated! Yg plg takut, kesan dia d kemudian ari ba tu.. mana la tau kan..

  7. he he he... My parents are first cousins and my siblings and I came out perfectly fine... I believe in God's will ;p

  8. Man-D ~ Ya ka pulak Dut? Hmm.. Is a matter of how one tackling the old folks jg ba kan.. :p


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