Friday, March 19, 2010

Vaginal Discharge what I am suffering with for the past 2 months! *sigh*

I don’t remember having serious prob with the discharge during my last pregnancy. Hmmm… I know it’s common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy but I silently hoping that the prob will eventually disappear soon. Somehow, hope is just a hope!

The private part is itchy, burning & reddish and sometimes swollen and smelly. There were times when the itchiness attack, I feel like… yeahhh… you know!! *double sigh*

I browse the net to find out if there is anything I can do about the discharge. Here’s the copy & paste info from :

There's nothing you can do to stop the flow - What???, but you can use panty liners to absorb it if you need to (Yeah, I even change the brands as if the brands are the causes. But who know kan??). (Don't use tampons during pregnancy.)

To keep your genital area healthy, keep it clean, always wipe from front to back, and wear cotton underwear. Avoid tight pants, nylons, bubble bath, scented pads or toilet paper, feminine hygiene sprays, and scented or deodorant soaps.

And don't douche — douching can upset the normal balance of vaginal flora and increase your risk of a vaginal infection. What's more, doctors and midwives discourage douching during pregnancy because in rare cases it can introduce air into your circulatory system through the vagina, which can cause serious complications.

Mama Mia was kind enuff helping me to browse the relevant info and found this page for the traditional remedies to resolve this prob. *relief*

Another ex-colleague also recommended me to buy a hygiene wash which is extract from the Daun Sirih (betel leaf). I am aware that it is not advisable to douche. But since it is extract from Daun Sirih, perhaps we can give it a try. So after work yesterday, hubby and I went to Mydin to look for the hygiene wash and bought it with just RM4.80 for 200ml.

Sumber Ayu Hygiene Wash

Hope it works. *pray*


  1. Thanks for the link,Just. Jadi, does the daun sirih works? :)

  2. oh... thats sad.. I know how it felt.. been thru before... but no more already after taken 1 kind og medicine from doc... but you preggy cannot simply take ubat ohhh...

    hope you feel better soon... ^_^

  3. Eee...mesti ko rimas kan just? harap2 ok la nnt aaa...:)

  4. Hi Just,

    Use dettol. Tapi jangan banyaklah. Kalau boleh campur air suam. One more thing pakai pantry liner and cotton undewear. It help a lot.

  5. Mama Mia ~ So far after a week, mcm teda perubahan ja. Hmm..

    Cath J ~ If only not preggy, maybe sia p jg jmpa doc. Hmmm...

    memeljoan ~ Rimas ba Mel!! Kalau kegatalan melampau lg.. naaa...

    Nora ~ Ya, ada jg sia guna dettol as advised by my mom. mmg sikit ja and guna air suam. Tp, gitu2 jg.. Hmmm... Panty liner tu tatap. Mana tahan nda pakai panty liner. Hihihi... Thanks nyway..


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