Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a GIRL!!

When I was in Beaufort early this month, I purposely went in to a clinic – Permai Polyclinic and asked the girl at the counter.

Me : Err… berapa kalau mau scan aa?

Staff : Scan baby?

Me : Ya

Staff : Kalau ada gambar, RM25. Kalau tiada, …. (I was not listening anymore coz RM25 is cheap!!)

Me : Ba, buli la…

-Registration in progress-

Soon after, my name was called to enter the room. Hubby and Rayyan also joining. *wink*

The lady doctor, Dr. Florence is very kind and soft-spoken. It was my first time consulting a doctor during my pregnancy IN KK! Syok betul dpt ckp bahasa ibundaku with a doc! LOL

And the best part is when the doc says… Your baby is a girl! *clap hands* I’m getting a pair now!! Yahoo.. yahoo.. So happy lah!

Me : Err.. confirm ka doc? (Tercabar keprofesional doc tu kan?!)

Doc : Yg td sia sudah nampak, tp nda sure. This time, clear sdh. Kalau boy, lain sikit. Kalau girl, mcm ni la. (sambil pointing the monitor)

Both me and hubby smile widely while sempat lagi my mind runs wild thinking all the pinkies dresses! Ahaks

Since I feel very comfortable with the lady doc, I finally get her advice on the discharge that I’m experiencing at the moment. Well, already expected her explanations as read from the webs. I presumed that she will prescribe me some sort of cleanser but no. She again explained that cleanser is not effective if the ‘inside’ has been infected. She prescribed the following instead. Huhuhu…

I was like huh?? Inserts with an applicator?? Ouchhhh…

Dragging 2 weeks before I got Mr. Hubby’s assistance for 3 consecutive nites! Phew... and now after err.. how many weeks already aa? 2 weeks I think. Mmm.. what I can say is… the discharge is not as bad as earlier. Recovering I guess. *smile & relief*

Till then… ^_^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beaufort Story Part II

Ok.. stories continue...

Day 4 (Tuesday) – Day 6 (Thursday) : Beaufort
Since mom has agreed that we are to rent out the house, we have to make sure the house is really in good condition. So we really spent the 3 days in Beaufort with kerja2 berfaedah i.e. repairing some damages and cementing the front area of the house. Bro-in-law, hubby and my bro are the workers. Poor them. They are really working hard bah. The pics say it all…

A. The area that need to be cemented
B. Cements and BRC
C. Mixture of sand and stones
D. Hubby and BIL installing the BRC before cementing

Kerja2 mengaul simen

Kerja2 menyimen

Rayyan on the hand enjoy mingling around the housing area. Sampai merah2 lutut dia. Kesian.

Day 7 : KK

Early morning, after we did some shopping for mom and Rayyan’s one week stay in Beaufort, we went back to KK. The sad part is we can’t hug Rayyan. Mom has to bring Rayyan to hide somewhere else otherwise he surely cries wanna follow us. *teary eyes*

After dropped by at Putatan to service dad’s car, sent our luggages to Tg Aru, car wash and proceed to KK. As always, had our lunch at Wisma Merdeka; the Familia’s floor. It’s our fav!

As usual jugak, instead of jalan2 di 1Borneo or Suria KK, we prefer to hang around at KK Plaza and Segama. Don’t be surprise! Boring ba jalan2 d shopping malls yg besar2 nie. Ahaks…

Bought some chinese medicines for my confinement from sinsei at Gaya Street. :D It is always easy to buy things there in KK! Dunno where to find in KL! Of coz there are also plenty of sinsei here in KL, but ntah la… maybe scared that they might get us wrongly and give us the wrong medicines! *faint* We even bought the daun for mandi during confinement at Beaufort! The last round, MIL bought them for me, also KK imported. LOL

Next, we have to return the car to my dad already. And yet sbb belum puas jalan2, we took a bus and headed to KK again!! LOL Besides, it is so easy to move around without Rayyan. Hehehe.. This time we went to CP and bumped into my MIL and BILs. So we joined them and had a break at Pasar Filipina/Pilipin, named it as you wish!

Pasar Filipina is where we borong the Kuih Cincin for colleagues here in KL. Kuih Cincin is a must buy item. Huhuhu… Somehow, it’s my FIRST time lepaking there for makan2 eventhough makan ABC saja. Yeahhh.. call me I’m not Sabahan! Grrrrr… I understand that ppl from peninsular enjoy the seafoods there. Eat like they never eat before! *roll eyes*

@ Pasar Filipina
Pix A : cuci pinggan mangkuk d tengah2 jalan
Pix B : set kicap yg teda d meja mkn KL

Day 8 : Flight to KL at 2pm. Bye2 KK. Till we meet again in September!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

KK Story Part I


Been missing from blogosphere for 2 weeks!! Pheww.. As you know, last 2 weeks me and the family when back to KK. What bout last week? Well, being away from office for a week surely giving pressure when you are back to office plus my dearly boss is flying. So, need to arrange and prepare things for his trip. I am only breathable on the last 2 days of the week and what did I do? Instead of updating my blog, I spent most of my time chatting in YM and FB and also playing the addictive game in FB; The Spot of Difference!! Yeahhhh!!

Ok.. enuff with the lengthy intro!

Let’s story bout my trip in KK. Some of the plan didn’t turn out as we planned. Biasa la tu kan…

Day 1 (Saturday) – Tg Aru

After an hour of lepaking at Hubby’s hse at Tg Aru, Hubby sent us to my aunt’s hse, also at Tg Aru. Both hubby and I have our own different plan.

At first, mom n I planned to hang around in KK that evening. But, it is just not easy to handle my lil son which makes us sooo tired and at the end we only stayed at my aunt’s house the rest of the evening till nite. Mom didn’t even attend the Sat Mass as she afraid that Rayyan will give me some hard times.

Other plan, we are supposed waiting for my aunt from Labuan to fetch us and go back to my kampong at Kuala Penyu. Somehow, the ferry from Labuan to Menumbok was late and for they to come and fetch us at Tg Aru to go back to Kuala Penyu is not acceptable. So, plan changed! They came and overnite at Tg Aru.

Day 2 (Sunday) – Kuala Penyu

After they all attending the Easter mass, we went back to Kuala Penyu. A ‘sogit’ ceremony need to be carried out which involved the whole mom’s family. Only 20% didn’t turn up. I’m not going to elaborate this yaa…
Muka-muka c Rayyan with his Qiu-Qiu (uncle). The Pic with A marked showing Rayyan is so scared that her aunt will take away his Mummy Tua @ grandmom and that he quickly went to get his Mummy Tua
From Kuala Penyu, we went to my other aunt’s hse at Papar. We stayed a nite there. Sesi lawat-melawat la ni kunun…

Hubby is supposed to fetch me at Papar as we need to borrow my dad’s car the next morning. Due to hujan lebat and ketiadaan transport, hubby can’t make it.

Day 3 (Monday) – KK / Kuala Penyu / Beaufort

As early as 4.45am, me and my bro tumpang my cuz to Putatan. Tepaksa la awal coz he needed to be at his work station by 6am!! *sigh*

Believe it or not, this is my first time having 3 rounds of breakfast in 2 hours!! Gilassss!!! Read this..

Arriving Putatan at 5.45am!!! Damn early! Punya la gelap gulita lagi! We looked around for a restaurant and finally we had our early breakfast at Restoran Seri Sempelang!

While waiting for hubby to come and meet us at Putatan, I accompanied my bro for his 2nd breakfast in chinese restaurant. When hubby arrived, we accompanied him for another breakfast! Penuh air ja perut!! Huhuhuhuu…

Finally, we took a bus to my dad’s office and get his car. He promised to let us use his car for 5 days FOC but to be returned with full fuel tank and motor oil serviced!

And again… we headed to Kuala Penyu!!! Doiiiii… Why Kuala Penyu again??? Coz mom and the sibling need to settle something in respect of a piece of land at the Land Office. Office is not operating on Sunday ok. Instead of staying overnite at Papar, they are should just overnite at Kuala Penyu kan?? But, entah la... susah jg mau cakap…

Anyway, after we settled everything, we finally continue the journey to our beloved and left abandoned house in Beaufort. The house was full of dust, spider web, grasses, etc! Poor house…

Beafourt's story coming up next… To be continued… :D

Friday, April 02, 2010

Quick Update!

It will be my quick post. Need to post this before flying back to KK tomorrow! KK... wait for me... Ahakss...

First of all, I am now recovered from my bad cough! *relief* But before that, I had to take 1 sip of ubat batuk for 2 nites straight! Can't sleep at all when you keep on coughing. Hubby next to me was covering the ear with pillow!! Ceiiisss... Anyway, glad that I'm ok now.

I went for my 3rd check up on Tuesday. I'm on week 23 now. What suprise me is my HB level! It has increased from 10.3 to 11.7!!! No more red marks! Phewwww... The bayam really works!

Have also checked with the nurse on the vaginal discharge. Nurse advised me to change panty regularly instead of panty liner and drink plenty of water. Hmm.. Should I try? For working woman, I personally don't think it's a good idea. It's just not practical. I think I have to bear it lor.

The last thing to share with you all here is a good news!

I have now redesignated and officially the Executive Secretary of my dear boss effective 1 April 2010! It's not a promotion coz I am still at the same level - Executive. The 'promotion' of salary that make me smiling ear to ear when reading my letter! I feel really appreciated!! *grin*

Ok.. I have to stop now. My lil hero bangun sdh... till then...