Friday, April 02, 2010

Quick Update!

It will be my quick post. Need to post this before flying back to KK tomorrow! KK... wait for me... Ahakss...

First of all, I am now recovered from my bad cough! *relief* But before that, I had to take 1 sip of ubat batuk for 2 nites straight! Can't sleep at all when you keep on coughing. Hubby next to me was covering the ear with pillow!! Ceiiisss... Anyway, glad that I'm ok now.

I went for my 3rd check up on Tuesday. I'm on week 23 now. What suprise me is my HB level! It has increased from 10.3 to 11.7!!! No more red marks! Phewwww... The bayam really works!

Have also checked with the nurse on the vaginal discharge. Nurse advised me to change panty regularly instead of panty liner and drink plenty of water. Hmm.. Should I try? For working woman, I personally don't think it's a good idea. It's just not practical. I think I have to bear it lor.

The last thing to share with you all here is a good news!

I have now redesignated and officially the Executive Secretary of my dear boss effective 1 April 2010! It's not a promotion coz I am still at the same level - Executive. The 'promotion' of salary that make me smiling ear to ear when reading my letter! I feel really appreciated!! *grin*

Ok.. I have to stop now. My lil hero bangun sdh... till then...


  1. Congratulations on the new designation. Naik gaji itu yg penting tu hehehe

    23 weeks? Wow, time sure flies that quick huh? macam baru ja sa baca yg ko announce ko pregnant...

  2. Hi Just,

    First- Wah bestnya balik Kampung ..:D

    Second- Congratulation on your promotion and salary increment..:D. Nah..kan, itu namanya Rezeki Anak. Alhamdulilah.

  3. Mcm Nora jg.. first Wah!! Sioknya dapat balik KK.. :D .. sa pun mau..

    and Congratulation to you bah on the promotion and naik gaji :)

  4. Wawawawaaww....naik pangkat and gaji ah!!

    Bah, Congrats ya!

  5. Wow! Sioknya kalo dingar pasal naik gaji ni. Sya pun bulih sanyum lebar ohhh heheheee... Congratz! :-D

  6. tumpang gumbira sama ko ni ,Just. Congrats on you new designation and salary increment...

    hmm..nda sempat la kita jumpa time ko di kk tu ari kan. next time la kan.. :)

  7. Thanks guys for the congrat wishes...

    Nda jg naik pangkat ba.. tukar title ja but naik gaji tu yg paling penting specially when it is more than what we expected!! Hehehe... Smiling ear to ear trus ba.. Rezeki anak laini.. Alhamdulilah.. :D


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