Monday, May 17, 2010

Detailed Scan

When I got pregnant for the 1st time, I am so into mommies’ forums where I got lot of useful info and tips bout pregnancy. I find myself having fun reading the forumers pregnancy experiences. One of my fav forum stop is cari.

This is where I get to know bout Vision College; an institute offering highly skilled internationally recognized graduates in the field of Sonography and Health Science.

KL’s mommies normally will come to Vision College for a detailed scan or 3D scan. Why? Because it offers you the cheapest rates in town! Detailed scan and 3D scan will cost you at RM150 and RM90 respectively. Mommies will walk away with a piece of CD containing reports, images and videos of baby! If you would have to go the any other private hospitals, you will be surely charged at rm200 and above! *roll eyes*

Detailed scan or Fetal Anomaly Scan is supposed to be carried out before the 24th week of pregnancy; however I mixed it up with 3D scan and dragged it till my 28th week before I called up Vision College for an appointment. (Not sure what was in my mind that time!) I am very looking forward for this detailed scan as I got to know bout Rayyan’s condition also from this scan previously. It is always good to get ready, rite?

VC : Puan skrg dah 28week? Kite bleh buat 3D scan jer. Kenapa puan tak call awal2 for detailed scan?

Me : Huh?! Mmg skrg ni tak bleh buat detailed scan lg ke?

VC : (Checking with someone) Err.. kite bleh try buat detailed scan tp x janji bleh tengok betul2 sbb baby dah besar. Maybe the measurement semua pun tak betul. Tp utk detailed scan ni puan kena byr RM150 and 3D, RM90.

Me : Ok.. I go for the detailed scan.

VC : (checking again and pass the line over) Maybe the girl thinks that it is not worth it for me to pay when I can’t get the result as expected.

Student : Puan, mcm ni la.. biar I try tlg buat detail scan tu FOC and kalau puan rasa tak puas hati and nak minta my tutor yg buat the scan, then puan bleh buat appointment with my tutor.

I was so happy to hear that the student is willing to run the detailed scan with FOC! So, I fixed up an appointment even though hubby might not be able to accompany me. *sigh*

Taking half day on that particular day, I went for the detailed scan by myself! Have to take LRT to Tmn Bahagia and get a cab to the college. Hubby was quite worried for letting the wife going alone and feels guilty at the same time. Stubborn jugak the wife kan? *wink* I will save RM150 for the stubbornness, worth it or not? You tell me!

I was half an hour late and the student have been waiting. Even though she was rushing for her class, she still spent 1.5 hour for me. Sooo very kind of her.

Let see what I got this round..

My lil' angel

The yellow circle marked confirming the gender! Can you see it?

Overall, everything seems to be ok this round. 2++ mths more to go… Insya-Allah.


  1. Hahahahaa...ini kali ada iras muka man behind...ngeh3

    Sebarangan ja sia berckp oh kan...hehehe...

  2. huii bulih tahan teropong ajaib si Mouren ni..bulih nampak iras2 lagi tu..hihi...

    bestnya kalu VC buka cawangan di KK..

  3. Mouren ~ Hahahaha... misti sanang hati c man behind kalau dia dgr ni statement Mouren. Hahahah... Ba, kita wait n see aa..

    Mama Mia ~ Hubby sia misti hrp teropong ajaib c Mouren tu butul Mia. Kekekek..

    Kalau tu VC nda buka branch sana KK pun tp at least ada la yg lain offer the same service kunun kan.. ;p

  4. Yiiii... sioknya.. :) sya pun mau pregnant ni naaaaannti :) hihi.. kali skrg blum lg dpt tau jantina dia tu kan? ba take care ar :)

  5. wow best owh buat 3D scan.. hu hu ari tu mau buat untuk Itzel tapi dia facing down ja, jadi Dr. ckp rugi buat sbb tida dpt scan muka n mesti byr juga.. next baby mau buat 3D scan la nie.. hehe anyway, congrats dpt baby girl..

  6. Nadia ~ Sepa la nda mo pregnant after kawin kan?? Ba, jgn tunggu lama2 aa..

    Sab ~ Hi, Sab. Glad to see you in blogsphere. D KK d mana ada buat 3D oo? Roughly brp la? Ba, yg nx one ko buat la kio. Hrp2 betul la girl. Takut jg sia mo over excited ni. Hahaha..

  7. salam mommy

    suka tgk that 3D scan...the gender...emm..gegirl ye?
    Good luck for the delivery :P

  8. Salam Ina.

    Thanks for the droppin' by.

    Hehehe.. hrp2 betul la gegirl as scanned. Sometimes bkn betul sgt. ;p


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