Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaamatan & Mother's Day

Saturday, 8 May 2010.

Surprisingly hubby was in his mood for the yearly event of Pesta Kaamatan Klang Valley which was taking place at Hotel Flamingo (as usual). Since mom also kind of excited bout this, so we headed to Hotel Flamingo at about 1.30pm.

The event started at 12.30pm with an entrance fee of RM5 per adult. Believe it or not, even I’ve been staying here in KL for almost 11 years, it was my first time being here for the event!! *grin*
1. The entrance chop
2. The ballroom

We were so happy to see Sabahan fellows dressing in our traditional costumes. Rasa mcm betul2 d KK ni. Hehehe… The ballroom was almost full. Only the few back row seats are available. We took our seats and makan. Hahahah… Terus makan lagi tu kunun. LOL. The hotel is serving fried rice, fried chicken, mixed vege, fruits and orange for the drink. Ok la ba tu kan…

Staying there for 2 hours, we managed to watch the 1st round of the 15 contestants of Unduk Ngadau, performance of Magunatip and singing performance by Esther (OIAM) – still remember her? I enjoyed her show very much. I like the way she tackled the audience. At least, she made me laugh. She’s such a talented performer, I think.

** Sorry lah pics are all blurry.. Guna hp cam ja ba!
1. The foods
2. The Unduk Ngadau contestants
3. Esther teasing the guy that she pulled from audience seats
4. Magunatip performance

As I’m typing this post, I’m still wondering who has been crowned as the Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley. Hmm… Been googling for an info, but zero! *sigh*

Sunday, 9 May 2010.

It’s Mother’s Day and we already planned to celebrate it at my SIL’s house at Sentul. Just a makan2 only. We bought a cake, SIL other pizza hut and another SIL fried chicken for the simple celebration. *smile*
From left : SIL, MIL, mom and myself.
(Heran jugak napa nda blow the candle dulu! Hahaha...)

For my dearest mom, I bought her a watch. :D

Well, that’s all bout my weekend…


  1. how much you pay for the Kaamatan? at least terasa juga mcm di KK kan..hihi..

    all the mommies excited suda bah tu la pasal belum tiup lilin trus potong kek..ya ka Just?

  2. Sapa menang Unduk Ngadau sana? Dia wakil Klang Valley tu nanti dtg sini for finale...

  3. believe it our not just we attend this klang valley kaamatan almost every year since 2006. This year saja we didn't go sebab pi cuti-cuti gia at the same time. Last few year masuk free ja ba tu. last year diorang start charge RM5.

    Rasanya, ada juga sia blog about few time kami pi Kaamatan tu. tahun ni artis easter ka?. Last year si rich sama si velvet kali tu hehe.

    Next time, kalau kau mau pi, bagitau sia..kita duduk sana meja depan. maybe buli dapat diskaun. Ada juga kenalan sia yang buli urus bah tu ..wink*wink*

  4. Mama Mia ~ RM5 per adult Mia. Dulu free kunun c Nora kastau.

    Itu la ba tu my mom excited betul mo pi. Terasa jg mcm d KK kunun. Hihihi..

    Hahahha.. Ya ba Mia. Bila suruh berdiri dpn kek ja, terus tu tgn pigang pisau ni. Hahahah...

    Mouren ~ Sia msh mencari info lg sepa the winner ni. Ntah napa teda kena update. Huhuhu..

  5. Nora ~ Waa.. semangat kamu aa! Ba, next yr kita pigi sama2. Siok jg kalau dpt duduk d meja dpn tu specially kalau ada discount. Hehehe...

  6. wah..semangat Kaamatan ko sama si Nora ah..suda ada plan utk next yr punya acara lagi tu..hihi...

  7. Ih.. sia inda dapat pigi bah.. ngam2 balik hubby punya kampung.. cos bawa MIL balik kampung.. terasa jg sia mau pegi ni.. frankly sia inda pernah pegi .. even once!! bah nxt time.. kalau Ko sama si Nora mau pigi.. sia pun mau ikut ni.. :D

  8. Mama Mia ~ Ya ba kan Mia. Semangat betul sampai teradvanced plan pulak. Kikiki..

    Evelyn ~ Sia ingat sia ja saturang nda pernah pigi. Hihihi.. Ba, in future kio.. ;p


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