Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rambling of 35wk Preggy Woman!

Since hubby is kinda busy at office these few weeks. I have to stay at office for almost an hour to wait for him to fetch me. I actually prefer to go over to his office area for window shopping. Hehehe… But lately, due to energy constraint (ahakss!), I just can’t afford to walk down, taking lrt, bla bla… so yeah… stay in office and on9 while waiting for him lor..

Yesterday, as usual I waited for him at the bustop. Like me, there were also few ladies waiting to be fetched.

Two scenarios that I wanted to share here..

Scenario #1

Lady A went into the car with sour face or shud I say tired face, no hi to the ‘driver’, no smile, not even glancing at the driver… And the driver which I believe is the hubby also reacting the same. The wifey went in, shutted the car door and the hubby just drove off.

Scenario #2

Lady B went into the car, wide smile, glance at the driver and ‘greeting’… And the driver also reacts positively… I believe the driver is not the hubby!

These two scenarios make me think of my own which goes to scenario #1!!

What had happened actually? Is that so hard to say hi to your spouse? Sometimes, I do feel weird to be next to my hubby in the car but we don’t talk! Are we stranger?? Or we just need some spaces for ourself?! I realize that the communication is getting lesser n lesser. At least, lesser than when we were coupling few years back. *sigh*

Frankly, there were few things came up lately. I guess I just got wind off with my pregnancy – sensitive, emotional, doubtful, jealousy, negative, etc. *roll eyes*

No... I am not saying that I am having prob with hubby but something must be done to improve the relationship quality and to boost up the feelings and strengthen the love inside. Yep, really need to go for honeymoon lah like this! Ahakss..

Pardon me for the ‘nonsense’ post guys… Just need a place to…. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Btw, here’s my latest belly… *wink*

Till then..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My winning stuff and 1st CDs collection!

Nowadays, lots of ppl and friends are involved in business specially online. Yeahhh… improving life! When it comes to online business, promoting via FB is one very effective way, I guess. *smile*

A dear friend of mine, Sab has also commenced her online business which is selling baby and kids clothing, 2 months ago. Congratz for the biz, Sab. Pls visit KK Baby Wear for more info of her products. *wink*

And for that, she has run a contest, Mummy and Baby Moment Contest ended on 31/5/10. Well, I was not really in my contest mode actually, not until I realized that there are only 4 contestants participating! As a friend, I wanted to support her. So yeah… I finally picked up one very touching photo for the contest. *grin*

I told you it's a very touching pic!

To win the contest… it’s easy… what I did was tagging all my friends to that particular pic and get them to vote by clicking ‘like’ to my pic. And with 47 votes, I won that contest!! Thanks for the vote, guys… *smiling ear to ear*

The prize?

1. Grand prize of baby products hamper

2. Baby Romper worth RM37

3. 25% discount by purchasing to any of KK Baby Wear’s products

Well, when Sab tagged me on her new product which is Cloth Diaper (CD), I think this is the best time to make use of the 25% discount since I’ve been dragging so long to proceed with the CD.

To make story shorts… Finally, I got my parcel yesterday! Thanks again Sab. *grin*

The box - didn't expect it would be this big!

The hamper

The baby romper as circled in above pic

and my 1st CDs collection (Babyland CD)

Ouchhh.. can't wait to put it on Rayyan! Must add on more after this.. Ahakss..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tips Senang Beranak

Being 1st time mother, of coz one can be very panic and nervous to face the scariest moment in women’s life! Thanks to the forumers for sharing the tips on easy laboring / delivery process. *smile*. Phewww…

Let see what they are…

By 7mths, advisable to start all these:

*Minum air kelapa, fresh from the shell

*Minum satu sudu minyak kelapa

*Makan telur ayam kampung mentah campur sesudu madu bila ada tanda2 mau beranak (the best is before going to the hospital)

*Makan bendi buat ulam

8mths onward:

* Start buat breast massage (senang susu nak keluar utk bf)

* Start buat perineal massage (senang stretch t**t, so that nda terkoyak banyak sgt)

* Buat kegel exercise (ni sepatutnya start dari awal)

* Minum raspberry leaf tea

Well, out of all the lists above… As per MIL’s advised, MINUM SATU SUDU MINYAK KELAPA is what I practice for the last pregnancy and also the current one. A teaspoon every 2 nites will do.

For the previous pregnancy, I did drink the raspberry leaf tea too. But, it’s kinda hard to find it selling in the supermarket. Luckily, Starbuck is selling this drink. So, I get my bro’s friend to get it for me. :D As for the current one, nope… I’m nope taking raspberry tea leaf.

Last but not least… WALKING! Yep, pls do lots of lots of walking! It really helps! *wink*

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bag packed!

It’s my 33rd week of pregnancy this week! My belly is getting bigger and heavier! The leg also begins to swelling. Pheww.. From monthly check up, now it’s an every two weeks check up already. *sigh* Boring ba mo p check up ni…

Compared to my last pregnancy, I’ve already packed my bag for hospital during the 7th mth i.e. 28th week. Kinda excited la jugak time tu kan. Besides, it’s for the ‘just-in-case’ purposes. Takut c hubby kelam kabut pulak nda tau apa mo pack kan. Hehehe…

Somehow for this round, I only packed the bag last week. No more banyak2 benda macam dulu. Yeah… that’s good when you had experiences. You know exactly what to pack! *wink* Kalau dulu, macam semua benda mau dibawa. Hahaha…

So, what did I pack?? A bag containing the following :

1. 1 pack of pampers

2. 2 sets of baby’s clothing

3. 2 pcs of lampin

4. 1 pc of bedung (baby’s wrapper) - ordered at http://mybabycomel.blogspot.com 

5. 1 pc of barut (for baby – to wrap tummy)

6. 1 pack of wet tissue

7. 1 set of baby’s self care product

8. For myself (the green bag) – maternity bra, breast pad, disposal panties, maternity pad

That’s all… of coz the rest of the things and any additional stuff will be brought separately by hubby later after the delivery. In fact, the nurse only asked from hubby 1pc of pampers, lampin and shirt for the baby to bring along to the labour room!

So, yeah... I’m ready for my second time delivery! Phewww… *sweating*

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Our 3rd Year!

3 years ago on the 1st of June, I was officially taken, no more available… I have become a wife to my husband of coz! *wink*

Still remember how busy we were a week before that. Almost everything was last minutes! Since I’m using Wali Hakim, can you imagine I only managed to meet up with the Wali Hakim for a short interview in the morning of 1st June itself, failing which the nikah could not be carried out and failing which the sanding that has been scheduled on the 3rd June will have to be postponed??!!! Oh dear… I really can’t imagine if it’s happening! Phewww…

Every time if we recall about our wedding, we’ll surely commented.. kan bagus kalau kita buat mcm ni.. kan bagus kalau kita buat mcm tu.. kan bagus kalau… bla bla bla.. But still at the end… this is what we always say… Tepa la.. yang penting semua sdh selamat.. sdh kawin pun!! Ahakss…

Well, for our 3rd year wedding anniversary this year… no presents exchanging. We went for dinner instead. Spending quality time together is the most important thing as you know, time will sometimes or most of the time ‘kills’ a relationship…

Dinner where? Dinner at Look Out Point, Ampang. It is just a great place for lepak I would say specially with the KL view. Wowwww…

Recommended to everyone and will sure to drop by for sunset view next round. Few restaurants to choose from and we picked Look Out Point Western Food Restaurant. *wink*

Thumbs up to the foods.

My order – Dory Fish & Chips @ RM16.80 and Cappuccino Ice Blended @ RM7.50

Hubby’s order – T-Bone Australian Beef Steak @ RM48.80 and Milo Ice @ RM4.80

Thanks for the dinner, dear... Wish we could have a great dinner together for next 30 years... *grin*