Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bag packed!

It’s my 33rd week of pregnancy this week! My belly is getting bigger and heavier! The leg also begins to swelling. Pheww.. From monthly check up, now it’s an every two weeks check up already. *sigh* Boring ba mo p check up ni…

Compared to my last pregnancy, I’ve already packed my bag for hospital during the 7th mth i.e. 28th week. Kinda excited la jugak time tu kan. Besides, it’s for the ‘just-in-case’ purposes. Takut c hubby kelam kabut pulak nda tau apa mo pack kan. Hehehe…

Somehow for this round, I only packed the bag last week. No more banyak2 benda macam dulu. Yeah… that’s good when you had experiences. You know exactly what to pack! *wink* Kalau dulu, macam semua benda mau dibawa. Hahaha…

So, what did I pack?? A bag containing the following :

1. 1 pack of pampers

2. 2 sets of baby’s clothing

3. 2 pcs of lampin

4. 1 pc of bedung (baby’s wrapper) - ordered at http://mybabycomel.blogspot.com 

5. 1 pc of barut (for baby – to wrap tummy)

6. 1 pack of wet tissue

7. 1 set of baby’s self care product

8. For myself (the green bag) – maternity bra, breast pad, disposal panties, maternity pad

That’s all… of coz the rest of the things and any additional stuff will be brought separately by hubby later after the delivery. In fact, the nurse only asked from hubby 1pc of pampers, lampin and shirt for the baby to bring along to the labour room!

So, yeah... I’m ready for my second time delivery! Phewww… *sweating*


  1. Good luck Just..:-) saya pun excited ni mau tau hehehe.. nanti update tau.

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  3. wahhh...nda lama lagi tu Just...about 1 1/2 months jak kan?? :D all the best with ur pushing nanti! hehehe

  4. Cepat nya masa berjalan...bah! take care...

  5. saya tak prepare lg..
    siap ade yg blum dibeli pn huhuhu...
    skang dah 35weeks,

  6. Nora ~ Thanks. Hehehe.. dun worry.. Sia update jg d FB nnt.

    KadusMama ~ Ya ba Ty. Nda lama lg 1 1/2 mths tu. Yeahh.. pushing lg this time! Huhuuhu..

    Mouren ~ This yr mmg cpt ja sia rasa! :D

    Yan ~ Aik, dah 35 wk tak ready lg??!! Abih tu bila nk ready nyer?

  7. Mcm baru sya baca post ko preggy ari tu, skg mo beranak dah... Cepatnyaaa... Take care!

  8. uiseh, punya lama sia tidak singgah blog kau...skali nah mau beranak sudah kau kan..!! Good luck, i'm sure you gonna do fine. ;)l

  9. Crystal ~ Hehehe.. cpt kan masa berlalu. Nda sedar pun.. nnt lps ni ko dtg melawat blog sia lg, beranak sdh lor.. Heheh..

    Joyce ~ Hi Joyce! Ya ba.. mo beranak yg kedua sdh ni!! Hehheeh... Thanks anyway.. :D


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