Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My winning stuff and 1st CDs collection!

Nowadays, lots of ppl and friends are involved in business specially online. Yeahhh… improving life! When it comes to online business, promoting via FB is one very effective way, I guess. *smile*

A dear friend of mine, Sab has also commenced her online business which is selling baby and kids clothing, 2 months ago. Congratz for the biz, Sab. Pls visit KK Baby Wear for more info of her products. *wink*

And for that, she has run a contest, Mummy and Baby Moment Contest ended on 31/5/10. Well, I was not really in my contest mode actually, not until I realized that there are only 4 contestants participating! As a friend, I wanted to support her. So yeah… I finally picked up one very touching photo for the contest. *grin*

I told you it's a very touching pic!

To win the contest… it’s easy… what I did was tagging all my friends to that particular pic and get them to vote by clicking ‘like’ to my pic. And with 47 votes, I won that contest!! Thanks for the vote, guys… *smiling ear to ear*

The prize?

1. Grand prize of baby products hamper

2. Baby Romper worth RM37

3. 25% discount by purchasing to any of KK Baby Wear’s products

Well, when Sab tagged me on her new product which is Cloth Diaper (CD), I think this is the best time to make use of the 25% discount since I’ve been dragging so long to proceed with the CD.

To make story shorts… Finally, I got my parcel yesterday! Thanks again Sab. *grin*

The box - didn't expect it would be this big!

The hamper

The baby romper as circled in above pic

and my 1st CDs collection (Babyland CD)

Ouchhh.. can't wait to put it on Rayyan! Must add on more after this.. Ahakss..


  1. Yeah! Congrats.. The picture is very touching. ;) I like it very much..

    Cute2 lagi tu barangan baby yang ko menang Just.. Hehehe!

  2. Hi Just,

    Congratulation....the picture memang touching oo. I dont have a pic on my delivery day. Kalau ada rezeki, I definetly will ask my hubby to take a snap one or two..:D Btw, I've heard about CD before, tapi inda pernah langsung ingat mau cuba. its washable bah tu kan..

  3. Hi Just :)

    wah... kejap lagi ko mo branak suda, inda rasa tu masa berlalu... Anyway, I pray that everything will go smoothly.

    Nyesal juga sia inda snap any pic masa my deliveries (2x)... inda teringat mo bawa kemera.

    Good luck, hope you win! All the best ya.

  4. Wahhh!!! Congratz!! Mcm ngam2 juga oh ko menang kan. Dulu power root ka tu?? I wonder how it feels, memang touching moment... :-)

  5. Jimat sudah ko beli barang for your coming soon baby...hehehe!

  6. AnnieMing ~ Thanks Annie. Ba, nnt turn ko jgn lupa suh loukung snap pic tau! Heheheh...

    Nora ~ Thanks. Ba, kalau ada rezeki jgn lupa MUST SNAP! Hehehe..

    Yup, tu CD washable. So, kena invest dulu la mula2 sbb at least mo guna 10pcs CD jg in a day. Sia baru ada 3pcs. Ada tu urg ada 40 pcs! Phewwww...

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  8. Nessa ~ Hahaha.. ya ba... nda sedar2 mo tmbh rakyat lg sia ni! Hehehe..

    Ndapa la teda pics pun but the moment mmg dlm always fresh in ur mind ba tu kan.. ;p

    Crystal ~ Ya kan... time2 preggy jg yg sia menang tu Power Root tu. Ko lg ingat oo kan. hehehe.. Nnt ko tau jg feels dia tu.. chayo! ;p

    Mouren ~ Ya ba, bnyk kejimatan! Tp, phm2 la kalau girl kan... hhihihih...

  9. Hai Just,

    sori baru terbaca post ko yg ini.. hehe thanks for promoting KK Babywear ;) and congrats once again hehe.. enjoy your prize.. hopefully it will help you a bit for your 2nd baby.. :D

  10. Hi Sab.. no worries on the promoting. :D

    Thanks again aa sbb susah2 ja ko cari kutak besar for that parcel. Heheheh...


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