Thursday, June 03, 2010

Our 3rd Year!

3 years ago on the 1st of June, I was officially taken, no more available… I have become a wife to my husband of coz! *wink*

Still remember how busy we were a week before that. Almost everything was last minutes! Since I’m using Wali Hakim, can you imagine I only managed to meet up with the Wali Hakim for a short interview in the morning of 1st June itself, failing which the nikah could not be carried out and failing which the sanding that has been scheduled on the 3rd June will have to be postponed??!!! Oh dear… I really can’t imagine if it’s happening! Phewww…

Every time if we recall about our wedding, we’ll surely commented.. kan bagus kalau kita buat mcm ni.. kan bagus kalau kita buat mcm tu.. kan bagus kalau… bla bla bla.. But still at the end… this is what we always say… Tepa la.. yang penting semua sdh selamat.. sdh kawin pun!! Ahakss…

Well, for our 3rd year wedding anniversary this year… no presents exchanging. We went for dinner instead. Spending quality time together is the most important thing as you know, time will sometimes or most of the time ‘kills’ a relationship…

Dinner where? Dinner at Look Out Point, Ampang. It is just a great place for lepak I would say specially with the KL view. Wowwww…

Recommended to everyone and will sure to drop by for sunset view next round. Few restaurants to choose from and we picked Look Out Point Western Food Restaurant. *wink*

Thumbs up to the foods.

My order – Dory Fish & Chips @ RM16.80 and Cappuccino Ice Blended @ RM7.50

Hubby’s order – T-Bone Australian Beef Steak @ RM48.80 and Milo Ice @ RM4.80

Thanks for the dinner, dear... Wish we could have a great dinner together for next 30 years... *grin*


  1. wow romantic hehe... and the foods looks yummy too..:D. Happy Ani..semoga hingga hujung nyawa ok..:-)

  2. Cappuccino Ice Blended?!!! Argghhhh....sedappp...

    Bah, this month month is mine pula...*wink wink*

  3. Nora ~ Thanks. Nda jg la fomantik, besa2 ja. Hehehe.. Foods ok la.

    Mouren ~ Hehhehe.. sia mmg keminatan ice2 blended ni. Kikiki.. Skrg berabis la (nda jg la berabis) sbb nnt pantang mana buli sdh tu. Huhuhu..

    Nx mth your turn pulak?? Ba, sia tgk ja post ko.. :D

  4. happy 3rd wdg anniversary Just...biarpun lambat sa wish.

  5. Ya :) happy anniversary :) mesti slalu happy :)

  6. Chegu Carol, Nadia and AnnieMing ~ Thanks for the wishes.. :D

  7. Happy Belated Wedversary! :-)My fav. food! Hehe...

  8. Thanks Crystal. Western jg taste ko aa... ;p


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