Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rambling of 35wk Preggy Woman!

Since hubby is kinda busy at office these few weeks. I have to stay at office for almost an hour to wait for him to fetch me. I actually prefer to go over to his office area for window shopping. Hehehe… But lately, due to energy constraint (ahakss!), I just can’t afford to walk down, taking lrt, bla bla… so yeah… stay in office and on9 while waiting for him lor..

Yesterday, as usual I waited for him at the bustop. Like me, there were also few ladies waiting to be fetched.

Two scenarios that I wanted to share here..

Scenario #1

Lady A went into the car with sour face or shud I say tired face, no hi to the ‘driver’, no smile, not even glancing at the driver… And the driver which I believe is the hubby also reacting the same. The wifey went in, shutted the car door and the hubby just drove off.

Scenario #2

Lady B went into the car, wide smile, glance at the driver and ‘greeting’… And the driver also reacts positively… I believe the driver is not the hubby!

These two scenarios make me think of my own which goes to scenario #1!!

What had happened actually? Is that so hard to say hi to your spouse? Sometimes, I do feel weird to be next to my hubby in the car but we don’t talk! Are we stranger?? Or we just need some spaces for ourself?! I realize that the communication is getting lesser n lesser. At least, lesser than when we were coupling few years back. *sigh*

Frankly, there were few things came up lately. I guess I just got wind off with my pregnancy – sensitive, emotional, doubtful, jealousy, negative, etc. *roll eyes*

No... I am not saying that I am having prob with hubby but something must be done to improve the relationship quality and to boost up the feelings and strengthen the love inside. Yep, really need to go for honeymoon lah like this! Ahakss..

Pardon me for the ‘nonsense’ post guys… Just need a place to…. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Btw, here’s my latest belly… *wink*

Till then..


  1. The right place to "argghhh.." Mum to be (again) mesti ada that kind of 'weird' feeling...biasa lah tu, Just.

    Bah, ingat tu yg sy 'share' sama ko kio...hehehe!

  2. Once a while I think about that too Just.. ;) Kadang2 kan sa bingung juga sama kebanyakan pasangan ni, kalau di public berabis mau tunjuk durg lah paling berkuasa, mau melalak kalau bepanggil.. Masam2 muka.. Kadang2 mau gaduh lagi. Macam suuusah betul mau panggil 'dear' ka, 'sayang' ka depan2 urang kan.. Kiss dahi / pipi lagi malu mau buat berbanding begaduh betunjuk2 depan urang.. :-/

    Besar sudah perut! ^_^ Ee inda lama lagi si Rayyan ada adik baru.. Bestnya!

  3. Mouren ~ Mcm jara' sdh sia preggy ni mcm... hahahahah... Panat sia layan tu negative thinking.. huhuhu..

    Eii.. tu 'sharing' tu mana buli kasi lupa tu.. thanks Mouren! *hug*

    AnnieMing ~ Bnyk jg pikiran kita ni kan... Ba, nnt time ko preggy, lg bnyk tu pikiran ko. Hihihii...

    Ya ba, besar n berat sdh ni perut ni. Nda larat sdh mo membawa. Hahaha.. Kalau buli mo suruh tu baby kluar awal... tp, jgn la.. lg bagus ngam2 due date. :D

    Evelyn ~ Yayy.. Cute meh? Perasan sia kjap... Heheheh.. Thanks.. :D

  4. hi.. good morning to u.. couldnt help reading your post..

    maybe as husbands and wives, most of us take our spouses for granted.. as for the 2nd scenerio, is it something to do with "forbidden fruit?"..
    funny how humans interact, right?

  5. oh, by the way, i am visiting from reanaclaire.com

    Have a nice day!

  6. Hi reana. Yaa.. I guess so. After marriage, we take things for granted and at the end time kills the feeling inside.. Sigh..

    Oppss.. forbidden fruit???

  7. Oh you look absolutely great in 35-week! Take care :-)

  8. Hi,long time no see skali lawat blog pregnant sdh pulak..congrats..hehe

  9. Hi, first time here..and also preggy..will pop this friday..all the best to you too..

  10. btw, this is very common, a friend told me, it is easier to spot a husband and wife and a bf or gf - the former dont talk the latter talk like there is no tmorow..hehe

  11. I think, the years together brings about a routine life hence boredom sets in. Now, if the hubby would've been more adventurous, say instead of driving a car to pick her, ride a horse over instead, maybe she would be smiling. No? Haha!

  12. Dora ~ Thanks Dora! ;p

    Lindut ~ Ko terbau sia preggy baru ko lawat sia aa.. Hehehe.. Thanks nyway..

    Deana ~ Hi there. Thanks for the droppin' by. Wow.. all the best to u too.. :D

    Gallivanter ~ Hi Galli! Yeah.. let blame the routine life! ;p Thanks for the idea.. shud suggest it to my hubby! Hahahahah..

  13. hi, just..long time didn't drop by...

    re scenario #1, must do something to spice up the relationship..:)

    makin bulat belly ko, just..jeles sia, u got 2nd one on d way suda...:)

  14. Hi Just....

    how are you nowadays? Anything update kio. All the best and Good luck. InsyaAllah semua selamat.


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