Friday, June 11, 2010

Tips Senang Beranak

Being 1st time mother, of coz one can be very panic and nervous to face the scariest moment in women’s life! Thanks to the forumers for sharing the tips on easy laboring / delivery process. *smile*. Phewww…

Let see what they are…

By 7mths, advisable to start all these:

*Minum air kelapa, fresh from the shell

*Minum satu sudu minyak kelapa

*Makan telur ayam kampung mentah campur sesudu madu bila ada tanda2 mau beranak (the best is before going to the hospital)

*Makan bendi buat ulam

8mths onward:

* Start buat breast massage (senang susu nak keluar utk bf)

* Start buat perineal massage (senang stretch t**t, so that nda terkoyak banyak sgt)

* Buat kegel exercise (ni sepatutnya start dari awal)

* Minum raspberry leaf tea

Well, out of all the lists above… As per MIL’s advised, MINUM SATU SUDU MINYAK KELAPA is what I practice for the last pregnancy and also the current one. A teaspoon every 2 nites will do.

For the previous pregnancy, I did drink the raspberry leaf tea too. But, it’s kinda hard to find it selling in the supermarket. Luckily, Starbuck is selling this drink. So, I get my bro’s friend to get it for me. :D As for the current one, nope… I’m nope taking raspberry tea leaf.

Last but not least… WALKING! Yep, pls do lots of lots of walking! It really helps! *wink*


  1. Hahaha...satu ja sy pernah buat... Walking!!

    Sbb kaki jalan bah...ekekeke!

  2. hey, hello.. greetings to u...
    so you r pregnant for the first time! Congratulations.. not to worry, giving birth is a natural process.. but i have 3 C-rean.. hahha.... anything u need to know, u can ask me.. ahem.. LOL..
    Take care.. do keep in touch.. i add u here in blogroll..

  3. Mouren ~ Hahahah.. mmg jalan la yg plg sinang kan Mouren. Tp, ada gia urg preggy yg nda larat mo jln tu. :D

    Reanaclaire ~ It's my 2nd time actually. :D

    3 C-rean?? U planned for it? Thanks anyway. Yeah.. will refer to you if anything. :D

  4. Hi, Just! Thanks for sharing. So, minum satu sudu minyak kelapa berkesan juga ka? :-)

  5. Crystal ~ Your welcome.. :D Err.. kalau ikut pengalaman dulu, berkesan jg la. Hopefully, same goes with this one.. hehehe... Ba, simpan kama tu tips. Hihihi..

  6. Yeeha! Thanks for sharing. Kalau sa pregnant sa kurik balik ni post ko.. ^_^

  7. AnnieMing ~ Hehehe... ba, kurik balik nnt aa.. :D Blm lg ada ka? Hahahah..

  8. Thank you, yah! Sya simpan ni tips ni hehe...


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