Sunday, July 25, 2010

The arrival of NEWBORN

Pls forgive me for neglecting you, my dear blog and readers… So many things had happened to me lately. *sigh* The brain is not well functioning and even the heart is heartless. *double sigh*

Anyway, I’m getting better and ‘recovered’ now and will try my very best to update the blog regularly. *wink + finger-cross*

Well, I have huge storyline for the comeback. Heheheh… As most of you already knew, yess… I have eventually given birth on 14 July 2010. Syukur Alhamdulilah… *grin* Well, my EDD supposed on 26 July 2010. 12 days early! Phewww…

Here’s the journey on that day…


Call for toilet. Somehow the toilet-call is… different?! It was uncontrolled. Macam air paip pula!! Even after my ‘official toilet-business’ is over, air paip still terpasang. Hmm.. at that time, I recalled one of my senior colleague’s story on her delivery experience. Yes.. It was my air ketuban (amniotic fluid)!! But, I don’t feel any pain. When I think it has stopped, quickly, I informed mom bout it. Solution? Of coz la – hospital!

Since the fluid is on & off, I have to wear pad. Had my breakfast too. Hubby was shocked when I woke him up, telling him that we need to go to hospital. He then quickly prepared while I was on the other hand dragging him. Hahaha…


Hubby and I were already at Hospital Bersalin KL, where I gave birth to Rayyan almost 2yrs ago. We were actually considering going to Hospital Ampang for my second delivery. But, ntah la..

Registration process was very slow! Luckily, I was not in pain. Otherwise, suffered!!! The bad news is… in order for hubby to enter the labour room, we must have our marriage cert as a proof! Sh*t!! While I did my registration, hubby went back to get the cert! *sigh* And can you believe that I was still in the midst of registration when hubby got back to the hospital! Damn slow kan?!


Registration done! Since the dilation is only 3cm, I have to admit to the ward first. But the sad part is.. they are no beds vacant!!! We have to stay at the ‘waiting room’… Regretted that we didn’t go the Hospital Ampang. *sigh*


I have to lie down at someone’s bed (that someone has actually gone to the labour room!) for CTG.

Hubby only accompanied me till 9.30am before he was then asked to leave and wait outside. Hmm.. Instead of waiting outside, he went to Sentul, SIL’s house, only 10min drive from hospital. Deep inside, I was actually worried that he is not going to make it this round – witness the arrival of our baby!


Started contraction..


VE – 5cm! Since they are serving lunch meal, nurse advised me to have my lunch first before they send me to the labour room. Bleh jg ooo kan? For energy, I ate the plain rice only. Where got appetite to eat where one is in pain! *roll eyes*

Dengan suara yg tenggelam timbul menahan sakit, updated hubby on the latest status and hoping he can be next to me asap!!


Labour room!! I was totally in pain, trying hard not to push before I should!! It was only 5cm, but I already can feel like wanna ‘poo-poo’! Nope… it was no longer 5cm, it was 8cm!! Goshhh…

The funniest part is… I still can reply my hubby’s sms asking where am I! Even the nurse commented “aik.. sempat lagik??”, when she saw me texting. I told hubby I’m in Labour Room No 9. Hahahahah…

Another sms from hubby… He was not allowed to enter the labour room!! I told them (2 doctors – guys lagik!! Time Rayyan dulu pun guy jg!, 1 midwife, 1 nurse & 1 trainee) bout it and the doc was so nice to go out n called my hubby.


Thank God hubby was already with me! Was so happy n relief to see him. And there goes my delivery attempts… I think I’m better this round. lol


With two attempts, I have finally n safely deliver a baby girl. Syukur Alhamdulilah…

1.25pm – 2.00pm

Needle-work! Sakit gila!!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhu…

If the last round hubby was actually waiting for me until I was ready to be sent to my bed, but not this round. I asked him to go back first n come back with mom n Rayyan during visiting hours.


My baby girl was placed next to me for breastfeeding.


Back to ward. So glad that I already have my own bed!!

Dear friends and family, pls welcome our new member of the family, Princess Ryanna Adrilea, born with 3.03kg… She is now 10days old. ^_^

Ryanna Day 1

Ryanna Day 7

Well, that’s bout it… :D Will continue bout my confinement in my next post… *wink*



    take care...

  2. hi just..
    congrates yer
    sblum ni duk baca n3 u pasal checkupla scan la.. lepas i deliver.. tgu2 gak update dari u.. lamekan u tak update.. i tot u dah lame deliver, rupenye 14th aritu yer.. means dekat seminggu la lepas i deliver..

    baca ur experience especially kat hospital tu., mmg giler lembap. ms yan aritu daftar.. dia tengok buku merah.. then dia trus suh masuk buat VE. Lg satu bab jahit tu.. lepas deliver nak menunggu dia setelkan kite (nak jahit bagai) pun makan berejam.. dahla stress kaki duk lame mengangkang.. hehehe

    Ape2pun kte same2 da selamat.. u dpt girl.. i dapat boi.. samelakan da sepasang...

    so nanti update cerita u berpantang pulak yer...

  3. reanaclaire ~ Thanks ya. It was a very smooth delivery indeed. Hee.. :D

    Yan ~ Thanks Yan. A'ah.. lama x update blog. Ada citer tp otak jammed! Hahahah... Lgpun, c sulung I ni jeles giler bile dah ada adik ni. Kesian pulak mak I nk urus semua..

    Mmg lembap giler la kali ni. Nurse & doc pun lembap. But, tak leh la nk expect lbh2 kan kalau nk bersalin kat gomen ni. Tang kaki stress giler mengangkang tak yah ckp ler!

    Tp, ape2 pun.. semua dah selamat... Yeah.. dah sepasang pun anak kite.. best kan??

  4. aiyoooh Just!!! Congratulations!! So happy to read your post today. Baby Ryanna is sooooo sweet, memang ngam la nama dia tu. Matching sama si Rayyan lagi, pandai kamu kasi nama! :D

    Bah, take care of yourself. Buli tahan ko sampat lagi tulis blog... zaman sia dulu mana ada mcm ni. Tahniah once again. ((hugs))

  5. Ketawa sy baca itu part sms. Memang betul2 sempat lagi oh haha.

    Congrats (again):)

  6. Nessa ~ Thanks Nessa! Sehat2 sdh kan kunun... buli la update blog. Hihihi.. Alaa.. kalau dulu time ko ada blog pun, I think ko pun buat jg ba. Heheheh...

    Mell ~ Hihihik.. Sya belajar dr pengalaman ba tu. Dulu time c Rayyan, nda berani bw hp. Tp, sya nmpk ada urg lain bw ja... naa.. ni kali sya pun nda la mo ketinggalan. Kalau nda, komfom mr hubby nda dpt witness oo.. Hehehhe..

    Nyway, thanks ya.. :D

  7. Congrate Just...siok juga ko kan, x lama..kawan sa mcm 24jam sakit...well, sepasang sdh nya!

  8. Hi Just~~

    Once again CONGRATULATION!!. Your baby so cute. Phew.. baca entry kau ni pun senak perut sia. Tapi champion juga la sebab buli sms sementara mau push tu ..haha.. I salute you..:P

  9. memeljoan ~ Ya ba.. Dua2 kali pun nda lama. Hrp ko pun smooth ja nnt. :D

    Nora ~ Hahahha... champion lg tu! Nasib baik nurse ok. Klu nda, confirm kena sound sdh tu! Kekekek... Thanks nyway. :D

  10. Bah, take care yourself during the pantang...

    Love your girl photos...cute!

  11. Jusssttt!!! Congratz to you and hubby!!! Welcome to the world Baby Ryanna. Sweet betul pix dia senyum2 kan. :-)

  12. Mouren ~ Will do.. :D Baby Ryanna says thanks for the compliment. ;p

    Crystal ~ Thanks. Ngam2 sia tgh mo snap2 dia, just nice dia smiling... heheh..


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