Sunday, August 29, 2010

Packing & Departing

M.E.S.S.Y!! Yess... for both the brain and room!!! Currently, my room is scattered with luggage and begs!! Brain is working hard to think what else to be packed!! 3 weeks is not a short period for us ok.

Yup, me and family will be going back to KK for Raya this year. And it's the first time after married!! Well, the 1st year, leaves were all taken for wedding in June. 2nd year, we have to forfeit our flight ticket coz I was 3 weeks to due! Can't board the flight. 3rd year, leaves were not approved. The 4th year... yess.. we are going back with kids! *wink*

Frankly, we almost cancelled the trip though. Am kinda holding grudge towards my own hometown. *sigh* A story that I still working hard to remove from the system! D*mn!!! And yess.. up till now... am still feel reluctant to go back! But then... to live a life, facing the fact is what one need to do rite??! Hmmm... Besides, there are important things need to be done over there...

Me, mom and kids will be flying back to KK on 1/9 while hubby a week later. Since I'm on my maternity leaves, why not taking extra days in KK rite?? So that I can meet some old friends before Raya. Few buddies in the list.. *wink*

So here I am.. pening2 packing barang! Huhuhu..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Toying with....

Yesss... Canon EOS1000D in da house!!! Finally.... *grin*

DSLR dummy, I am still! But heyy.. dat's the reason why we bought it rite??! To master it! After 2 weeks, I haven't really try it! I let Mr. Hubby toying with the DSLR and ask him to teach me after he has mastered it. Ahaks...

Here are various 'colour' of the KLCC's view taken from the new toy by Mr. Hubby! Awesome! Need to improve more... *smile*

All in all, we are really satisfy with the new toy! Looking forward for jalan2 to capture nice photos and of coz to improve photograhy skills... *wink*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quicky Update - Rayyan

I thought i will only be able to update my blog next mth.. so pissed off when the antic lappy attacked by virus... well, it is still ok though except the usb ports. Whatever plug in to the usb port will be attacked n damaged! The poor victims including my pendrive (all well maintained data for years gone!! No back up at all! Damn!!) and hubby’s 8GB memory card! Not to mention the celcom broadband!! *slap forehead*

Since bro bought a new lappy, his existing lappy will be use by me. Thank god the broadband is useable! No fussy messy to get a new one from celcom. *relief*And I’m back in action again... yeahhh..

Ok.. a very quick update for u guys.. all about Rayyan! *wink*Pics say it all yaa.. Heheheh..

Story #1

The luck is still with me... My Rayyan’s pic has been selected in the Mami & Baby Aug’s issue under the Kandid Kamera sponsored by Pigeon! Hoorayyy...

Mami & Baby Aug 2010

The winning prize..

Story #2

Chickenpox attacked Rayyan!! Poor boy...

So sad to see him lying down trying to fight the pain. His body temperature that worried us the most and we decided to bring him to clinic. As usual, i will ask for the ‘insert’ – anus insert! It reduces the temperature very fast. Try it..

The itcyness really make him uncomfy, so he refused to wear anything! He also does not have the appetite! Anyway, I’m still glad that he wants to eat something eventhough it is just a snack. At least something sebagai alas perut. He don’t even wants to drink milk. *sigh*

Poor mom too coz Rayyan has been giving us so much trouble day and night... been crying nonstop and wanted to be carried all the time! Patah bahu!! Huhuhuhu...

He is recovering now...

More updates after this... *grin*

Friday, August 06, 2010

Mami & Baby : Famili Ceria

Oh boyyy… an entry which is suppose to be posted a month ago or at least before I gave birth!! Goshhh… My blame goes to the entire id*ot ‘technical probs’ which has caused me ‘ding dong’ for quite some times. *sigh*

Ok ok.. let forget bout all that craps..

So… you guys heard or read or come across a magazine name Mami & Baby?? Except Pa&Ma, Mami & Baby is one of the pregnancy and parenting magz in BM. Yess.. I enjoy reading mama’s magz ever since I got Rayyan’s in my belly. Somehow I only purchase the magz when I got attracted with the monthly issues and sometimes the cover too.. hehhe..

Personally, I prefer Mami & Baby than Pa&Ma coz I think Mami & Baby provides more useful info while Pa&Ma is full with ads!!

When I get myself a copy of the Mami & Baby last May, I have actually submitted few photos of Rayyan including a family photo for various participations of the magz. Well, it’s my first time ok! Kerajinan melanda time tu! Huhuhu…

Of coz, I didn’t give my high hope for all the photos to be selected. And here goes the July’s edition of the magz…

… which I quickly grabbed and paid for it after I found out the following page…

Tadaaaaa… Found us???

Our family pic has been selected as one of the “Percutian Famili Ceria”.

Remember this pic? It was our family trip to Genting a year ago where we didn’t make it to Kuching!! See.. my lil’ boy masih kecil lagik… And now he has a sister already!! Time flies so fast huh! *smile*

Since it is not a contest, you can’t expect a grand prize ok! This is what we got, sponsored by Sweet Cherry.

We were going to buy a set of pillow for the newborn at first. And the prize has save us some $$$. *grin*

I wonder if there is a next time?? Kena rajin2 submit photos lor… *wink*