Friday, August 06, 2010

Mami & Baby : Famili Ceria

Oh boyyy… an entry which is suppose to be posted a month ago or at least before I gave birth!! Goshhh… My blame goes to the entire id*ot ‘technical probs’ which has caused me ‘ding dong’ for quite some times. *sigh*

Ok ok.. let forget bout all that craps..

So… you guys heard or read or come across a magazine name Mami & Baby?? Except Pa&Ma, Mami & Baby is one of the pregnancy and parenting magz in BM. Yess.. I enjoy reading mama’s magz ever since I got Rayyan’s in my belly. Somehow I only purchase the magz when I got attracted with the monthly issues and sometimes the cover too.. hehhe..

Personally, I prefer Mami & Baby than Pa&Ma coz I think Mami & Baby provides more useful info while Pa&Ma is full with ads!!

When I get myself a copy of the Mami & Baby last May, I have actually submitted few photos of Rayyan including a family photo for various participations of the magz. Well, it’s my first time ok! Kerajinan melanda time tu! Huhuhu…

Of coz, I didn’t give my high hope for all the photos to be selected. And here goes the July’s edition of the magz…

… which I quickly grabbed and paid for it after I found out the following page…

Tadaaaaa… Found us???

Our family pic has been selected as one of the “Percutian Famili Ceria”.

Remember this pic? It was our family trip to Genting a year ago where we didn’t make it to Kuching!! See.. my lil’ boy masih kecil lagik… And now he has a sister already!! Time flies so fast huh! *smile*

Since it is not a contest, you can’t expect a grand prize ok! This is what we got, sponsored by Sweet Cherry.

We were going to buy a set of pillow for the newborn at first. And the prize has save us some $$$. *grin*

I wonder if there is a next time?? Kena rajin2 submit photos lor… *wink*


  1. Hahahaha...makin rajin ko nie ikut mcm2 pertandingan...

    Bah, ya lah tu...jimat duit jg kan, hehe!

  2. wei just...yg latest punya mami&baby pun ada muka si rayyan...ko sdh belikah?

  3. Mouren ~ Nda jg ba. Ko ni! Kalau rasa TERpanggil ja baru join. Hehehe.. tp itu la jg motifnya. Kalau terpilih, dpt hadiah yg mmg berguna.. mmg jimat ongkosnya. Hehehe..

    Memel ~ Ya ka?? Sia blm beli lg. Abis teda kluar rmh kan. Tp, sdh sia suruh hubby sia bili nnt. Heheh... Thanks for the info. :D

  4. Ko ni lucky betul, selalu jak menang contest. Mesti c Baby Ryanna juga yg kasi luck niii... Congratz!!! :-)

  5. owhh ade eh magzine ni..
    yan ni mmg buta magazine skang...
    duk layan tenet jek manjang hehehe...

    ape2pun congratesla yer..

  6. wahhh... femes suda kamu one famili. bukan senang tu masuk magazine :) Congrats!

    I don't think sa pernah menang anything from magazine. Duulu rajin juga la submit entries tapi nda pandai kena. Trus give up sudah... hehe

  7. Crystal ~ Buli tahan jg luck yg baby Ryanna bg sama kami ni.. heheh..

    Yan ~ Kalau tenet memanjang pun, mata penat. So, sesekali layan magazine ok gak.. Hehehe..

    Nessa ~ Hahahah.. nama c Rayyan ja ba yg femes tu.

    Sia rajin jg la submit2 entries ni. Tp nda ingat pula kalau pernah menang dulu2. Kadang2 kalau ada luck, satu kali submit pun menang sdh. Hihih..


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