Sunday, August 29, 2010

Packing & Departing

M.E.S.S.Y!! Yess... for both the brain and room!!! Currently, my room is scattered with luggage and begs!! Brain is working hard to think what else to be packed!! 3 weeks is not a short period for us ok.

Yup, me and family will be going back to KK for Raya this year. And it's the first time after married!! Well, the 1st year, leaves were all taken for wedding in June. 2nd year, we have to forfeit our flight ticket coz I was 3 weeks to due! Can't board the flight. 3rd year, leaves were not approved. The 4th year... yess.. we are going back with kids! *wink*

Frankly, we almost cancelled the trip though. Am kinda holding grudge towards my own hometown. *sigh* A story that I still working hard to remove from the system! D*mn!!! And yess.. up till now... am still feel reluctant to go back! But then... to live a life, facing the fact is what one need to do rite??! Hmmm... Besides, there are important things need to be done over there...

Me, mom and kids will be flying back to KK on 1/9 while hubby a week later. Since I'm on my maternity leaves, why not taking extra days in KK rite?? So that I can meet some old friends before Raya. Few buddies in the list.. *wink*

So here I am.. pening2 packing barang! Huhuhu..


  1. Happy journey and Selamat Berpuasa...

  2. I want to meet you lah dear...Kita jumpa ye nanti...mana2 pun bulih (ceh, jgn saja di Beaufort...ekekeke)

    Bah, belunu geng...

  3. Reana ~ Thanks..

    Mouren ~ ok ba kalau ko! psstt.. ko ambik sia d tg aru aa... hahhaha... susah ni teda transport. kekekek..

    Uikk.. itu belunu tatap dicari tu. Msh ada ka? Lusa ja lg ba tu.. suruh dia tggu sia.. hahaha...

  4. Best kan dapat pulang kampung...:) kalau ko balik kk, sa pula terbang p kl jumpa hubby...ehehehe. Anyway, selamat berpuasa and take care...

  5. Yeah! Mesti gembira tu kan dapat beraya di tempat sendiri, punya main lama sudah tu kamu inda beraya here if you said this will be the 1st time after married. ;-) Si Rayyan pun besar sudah gia..

  6. Have a safe journey Just, Happy Raya in advance to you and family...:D


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