Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quicky Update - Rayyan

I thought i will only be able to update my blog next mth.. so pissed off when the antic lappy attacked by virus... well, it is still ok though except the usb ports. Whatever plug in to the usb port will be attacked n damaged! The poor victims including my pendrive (all well maintained data for years gone!! No back up at all! Damn!!) and hubby’s 8GB memory card! Not to mention the celcom broadband!! *slap forehead*

Since bro bought a new lappy, his existing lappy will be use by me. Thank god the broadband is useable! No fussy messy to get a new one from celcom. *relief*And I’m back in action again... yeahhh..

Ok.. a very quick update for u guys.. all about Rayyan! *wink*Pics say it all yaa.. Heheheh..

Story #1

The luck is still with me... My Rayyan’s pic has been selected in the Mami & Baby Aug’s issue under the Kandid Kamera sponsored by Pigeon! Hoorayyy...

Mami & Baby Aug 2010

The winning prize..

Story #2

Chickenpox attacked Rayyan!! Poor boy...

So sad to see him lying down trying to fight the pain. His body temperature that worried us the most and we decided to bring him to clinic. As usual, i will ask for the ‘insert’ – anus insert! It reduces the temperature very fast. Try it..

The itcyness really make him uncomfy, so he refused to wear anything! He also does not have the appetite! Anyway, I’m still glad that he wants to eat something eventhough it is just a snack. At least something sebagai alas perut. He don’t even wants to drink milk. *sigh*

Poor mom too coz Rayyan has been giving us so much trouble day and night... been crying nonstop and wanted to be carried all the time! Patah bahu!! Huhuhuhu...

He is recovering now...

More updates after this... *grin*


  1. OMG!! Baru saja sy komen ko double luck...betul2 ko berluck oh kan...

    Kasihan nya c Rayyan...tp tiapa, tu kasi kuat antibodi jg tu...(org tua2 ckp lah...ekekeke)

  2. Nah kan, betul kan c rayyan?eheheh...bestnya dapat hadiah...byk sdh hadiah ko dapat kan?:)

  3. chicken pox.. yes, they are very itchy.. my kids got them when they were young and till today a few pock marks can be seen on their face.. :)

  4. Mouren ~ Masin mulut ko Mouren. Lps ni ko selalu2 la kasi sia tu luck aa.. Heheheh..

    Ya ba, kesian sia tgk dia mengampai layu ja yg 1st day tu... bkn ja antibodi kuat, dgn dia2 sendiri makin kuat dan ganas.. huhuhuh..

    Memel ~ Thanks for the info Mel. Rajin jg ko beli tu mag aa.. Lps ni ko pun buli ba try luck. ;p Baru 2x kali ba dpt hadiah dr mami & baby... :D

    Reana ~ It takes time to heal. Later when they grow up, sure not that noticeable already. :D

  5. Anduiii... kesian dia. Mo kasi lap air kelapa tu kan, tapi memang nda bulih kena angin tu supaya cepat bagus. Apa2pun, congratz again!! Cute pix dia hehe...

  6. Thanks Crystal. Dia sihat sdh tu.. D badan dia sama d kepala dia ja yg banyak..


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