Monday, August 23, 2010

Toying with....

Yesss... Canon EOS1000D in da house!!! Finally.... *grin*

DSLR dummy, I am still! But heyy.. dat's the reason why we bought it rite??! To master it! After 2 weeks, I haven't really try it! I let Mr. Hubby toying with the DSLR and ask him to teach me after he has mastered it. Ahaks...

Here are various 'colour' of the KLCC's view taken from the new toy by Mr. Hubby! Awesome! Need to improve more... *smile*

All in all, we are really satisfy with the new toy! Looking forward for jalan2 to capture nice photos and of coz to improve photograhy skills... *wink*


  1. Nahhh....sudaaaa...berabis bergambar'an'...hehehe

  2. wah congrats on the new toy.
    siok sudah tu dapat gambar more nice2 pictures :)

  3. Mouren ~ Hahahahah... inda jg ba Mouren. Kikiki.. Nnt sia pandai dulu baru sia berabis.. Hohoho...

    Chegu Carol ~ Thanks Carol. Ya lor.. puas ati betul taking pics guna tu new toy.. :D

  4. Cantik tu pix suma. Quality bah yg penting kan. My hubby and I pun ada angan2 mo beli ni, tapi satu2 dulu la hehe...

  5. Ya ba.. the quality mmg memuaskan hati ni! heheh.. ba, palan2 ba.. :D


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