Tuesday, September 21, 2010

People I Met in KK!

It’s my 2nd day at office today after a very long, longggg leaves; 2mths maternity leaves plus a week Raya leaves! The Raya leaves should have falls under the maternity leaves IF only I didn’t gave birth early!! Huhuhuh…

Well, of coz am kinda lazy to work again after 2 mths resting at home. Heheheh… On the other hand, it’s kinda ‘annoying’ or maybe malu also when ppl keep on asking dis n dat while looking at your body after confinement! Ahaks…

So, as you know… I went back to KK for my Raya celebration. Since I went back a week earlier than my hubby, i took the opportunity (bkn senang tu!) to meet up with some friends. Let’s talk bout these luvly ppl in this entry.

#1 – Mia

My ex-college, ex-u and ex-hsemate. Known her since 1998! She used to blog before she resigned in May this year. Met her coz I wanted to pass her order and to ‘kaw tim’ our business thingy also. *wink* Psstt.. she is expecting now! So happy for her. It’s the right time indeed. *smile* Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos while our lepak at Tg Aru Beach. *sigh*

#2 – Mouren

She was my senior back in SMSM, but only gets close to her via blogging. I sorry her for not knowing me as her junior! Ahakss… Perhaps, she, being prefect in school wearing the blazer, her surname and her ‘specialty’ that make me still recognize her. For our story, pls click here. Thanks for the frapuccino ya sis! Really enjoy the stories we shared!

#3 – Sylvia

My ex-roommate in KIK! It’s our first time met up since 1999!!! Goshhh… Thanks to FB!! She is running her own bakery business nowadays and that’s explain her ‘healtiness’. So proud of her! Hope can attend her wedding nx yr. *wink*

#4 – Julie

One of my best buddies juga ni. My ex-neighbor and ex-schoolmate. A very shy girl with sweet smile! We were too buzy ‘solving’ her problem and didn’t even bother to take any pic. Huhuhu…

#5 – Jessica and Azean (met them with hubby)

Actually, we fetched Jessica and went for beraya at Azean’s hse. It's quite a last minute arrangement actually. Luckily, we made it. They are both my best buddies since Standard 2 (??). Ppl used to call us the 2JNJ. Me (Just), Jessica, N-Azean and Joce (whom I only managed to meet and passed her some stuff at bus-stop!) Joce has to work during Raya! *sigh* Hope the 4 of us can gather someday somewhere!!


Other than the above, I also met my ex-schoolmate, Buddy with her fiancée to discuss bout hse selling. Yup.. been thinking to sell our hse in Beaufort. Hard to maintain la!

I met Betsy too even for sekejap only. Kebetulan dia jumpa Buddy. :D

Err.. I guess I stop now and to be continue ok.. *wink*


  1. Masa sa baca ni kan...sa senyum2 saturang...bulih2 kantoi sama ni executive sa...hahaha!

    Okay...will buy you again the frapuccino ya, Sis!

    So nice for knowing you...

  2. I should have contacted you to join us during our all girls blogger meet up tu yg 15th. but forgot ko masi di kk baitu.

  3. Mouren ~ Hahahah... lain kali cover2 sikit tu mulut. Hahahah...

    Ba, next time lg aa.. :D

    Carol ~ Sia pun lost kjap dr blogging n fb kan.. so, mcm updated la. Klu nda, buli jg join tu. Ba, there is always next time ba kan... :D

  4. Oh bestnya ^_^ Kita pula bila mau tejumpa ni kan Just? Selalu jumpa di FB & read your stories in your blog saja. Hehehe..

  5. wah just, c mia pun expecting? berapa bulan sdh dia tu?

  6. reanaclaire ~ thanks. Well, still in my 'home' mode. ;p

    AnnieMing ~ Ba, nnt kita arrange.. :D

    memeljoan ~ almost 4mths sdh tu.

  7. Nice!
    Dapat jumpa kawan2 lama..
    sya pun ingat mo jumpa kwn2 lama..eheheee..

  8. wa..ni smua org2 SMSM baini kn.. good to see u all in the pictures :)

  9. Hi Just,

    wah bestnya jumpa kawan-kawan lama..:D.

    Nice hair style btw wink..wink. Nanti kita jumpalah sometime next week kio for lunch. Tommorow kami ada open house di Shah Alam, and this Friday ada another round with PNB. Just buzz me when you free.

    Oh ya, I was curious why mama mia inda update blog dia, rupanya dia expecting pula tu. Send my congrats to her la if you manage to contact dia via phone ka apa...:D

  10. Stella ~ siok ba mo catch up stories with old frens apa lg kalau yg sdh lbh 10 thn nda jmpa.. :D

    nc ~ ya ba.. smsm ba semua ni.. ba, limpas2 la ba selalu kio.. heheeh..

    Nora ~ Hi Nora!! Ba, buli ba. Nx week kita roger2 kio!

  11. Just ko x-SMSM kah??? Alalala sa pun x-SMSM same year with si Mouren a.k.a wyne. Ndak sangka2 pula tau

  12. Rosc ~ Yup, stellarian! sia rasa sia tau jg ko sia pnya senior thru Mouren. Hehehe.. ramai ba pula stellarian berblogging kunun ni kan.. heheh..


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