Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raya Oh Raya!

This year Raya’s theme is GREEN! Why green? Coz I never really like green! But too my surprise, I got few baju kurung and kebaya in green, in my wardrobe!

Green because the rest have to follow my baju!! Well, I bought a green kebaya last Nov for my cousin’s wedding in Labuan which I didn’t wear it eventually. Yes, I bought it without knowing that I’m actually preggy! In other words, I’m back to my previous shape after my confinement! The kebaya still look fine on me! *clap hands* So, why waste money to pening kepala and hunt for new one. Rite?

Since hubby is always with his ‘up to you (referring me)’, so we go with green this year. We managed to grab baju melayu for hubby and Rayyan few days before Ramadhan with very affordable prices. *relief*

Somehow, facing hard time to hunt baju for my lil princess Ryanna @ Lily as everyway is pink when it comes to girl!! Phewww… And I can’t find mini baju kurung for her! Tailor? Not enuff time already. When I found one at Mydin, I quickly grabbed it. It cost me only RM12!! To me, there is no need to spend much in kiddos' clothings coz they only wear it for short time only. Agree??

Raya @ Tg Aru

I used to place my family photo in my blog earlier on but I think I have changed my mind! For my family photos, pls check my album in FB ya.. :D

Raya @ Tamparuli - Visiting hubby’s relatives

Raya @ Papar – beraya at my future beras, oppss biras’s house!

Rayyan really having great time here! *roll eyes*

Well, macam biasa… if beraya, makan is the main agenda!! No other stories! Muahahahah…

Till then..


  1. Time raya ja mmg full agenda makan2 saja lah. Most of celebration like tht kan..and the most memorable thing is can gather with family, relatives and friends kan...:)

  2. and trus like all photos...

    Lawa kebaya mau beli satu!

    Baby girl ko nampak mcm 4 bulan suda..baru 2 bln lebih bah dia ni kan?

  3. Stella ~ the gathering jg la yg plg mahal besides the makan2. Hehehe...

    Mouren ~ beli jgn nda beli! Actually, time beli tu mo beli yg pendek pnya mo pakai sama pant tp teda yg bekenan.. hmm..

    Duii.. baru 2mths 1wk tu princess sia. Apa nda nmpk besar, tidur nenen tidur nenen ja keja dia. Mau 5kg sdh tu!

  4. cute oh ur baby..c rayyan lgi lh,hensom..hehe..
    btw,pya capat trun bdn ko kn..
    congrats :)

  5. Ya lor, nda payahlah mo mahal2 bah...yg penting, cantik n selesa dipakai...:D

  6. Lindut ~ Thanks. Ehem2 kembang kempis idung c Rayyan sia. Hehehe...

    Blm lg tu. Tu buncit masih ada lg! Hehehe...

    Memeljoan ~ yes yes! :D

  7. Betul, betul, betul... Nah, dari mula sya jawab ko hehehehee... Green is nicey... ;-)

  8. Crystal ~ heheheh... green pun green la. Nx yr, tukar theme lg. Heheheh..


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