Monday, September 27, 2010

Still 'Bout KK

Yesss... Still 'bout KK… *wink*

Well, we took the opportunities to arrange for a simple Majlis Cukur Jambul for my lil princess on the 5th day of Raya. She was exactly at her 2 months old that day.

She cried when the hair was being gunting. She sensed the scissor I guess. Heheheh.. She fell asleep rite after the ceremony (pic above).

It was my Rayyan’s first time at Tg Aru Beach! He was kinda ‘geli’ to step on the sand I guess and never wanted to be near the ocean! Only few steps and he wanted to be carried already! Phewww… But he enjoyed watching planes passing by.

Nyway, we really enjoy hanging around there watching the sunset!

We make a visit to Suria Sabah as well! Well... I did plan to go there but the-nothing's-there comment makes me feels not to. It was a last minute arrangement actually. We wanted to meet my ex-schoolmate, whom the fiancée is working at a real estate agency which we are keen to get some advices from.

Yup, we are selling our house in Beaufort. It is so hard to maintain a property when it is far away. We get upset every time we go back just to see more and more damages! So glad to be able to persuade mom to sell it off. Thought of using an agent for the selling off thingy but then the friend’s fiancée advised us to try putting ads and find buyers by our own first. Otherwise, we will have to ‘waste’ 2% of the selling price which to be paid to the agent! Rugi pulak kan..

As advised, we put on ads at the premise and also To our surprise, we received at least 2 calls per day inquired bout the property. And we already have a serious buyer! Hope his loan is approved and we can then proceed to lawyer! *relief*

I guess I am over bout KK! Continue again next year! Ahakss…


  1. Just, cute baby ko...
    oh ya..1st time ko d suria sabah ka..
    ok juga sell rumah kalau tdk ada org suda tgl sana kan...

  2. Just, sa lagi yg palinggg...'di' Sabah,tdk pernah ambil gmbr d Suria Sabah...hehe!

  3. kiut anak ko o'oi...ehehe
    c rayyan x besa laut bah mengkali tu kan...
    actually kan just, sa sm hubby pun tgh cari rumah utk dijual bah ni...klulah sa tau awal2 psl rumah ko tu kan...eheheh

  4. Stella ~ Yes, it's my first time. Time sy blk bln 4 mcm blm buka lg klu nda silap tu. :D

    Ya lor. Tu yg jual. Cari rmh lain pulak kunun.. ;p

    Mouren ~ Then you should sis!! Hahahaha..

  5. Memeljoan ~ c Rayyan suka main air tp bila nmpk laut mcm bnyk betul kali tu air kan trus dia takut. Hahaha.. ok jg la. Klu nda, risau pulak dia pandai p laut kan.

    Alala.. ko mau cari rmh d bfort?? Klu sia tau, awal2 lg sia tnya ko. Ba, in case tu buyer sia pnya loan nda approve, sia kastau ko aa..


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