Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful Award 20.10.2010

Hi guys! Another NICE date for this year huh?!

Next year it will falls on... err... let me see.. 20.11.2011!!! Yess.. that's the perfect date for next year! So, for those planning for wedding or engagement or give birth maybe, yeahh.. you can proceed to mark your calendar. *wink*

I got nothing special to celebrate today. Sayangnya! *grin*

Nyway, I have received an award from one of my Wasaber friends, yess a new friend of me, The Nerdy Azura.

This Beautiful Award really make me feel BEAUTIFUL on this very beautiful date! *blush* <--kunun!

Let see what need to be done for this award.

A. Thank the person who gave you this award and the link of the person.

Thanks and thanks (one thanks not enuff!)  to Azura for being generous. Nanti I belanja Jus Oren aa... lol

B. Spread this award to 15 bloggers who you like and think their blog is awesome.

1. Mouren aka Wyne (tatap dlm list!)
2. Stella (tatap dlm list even sdh dpt dr urg lain!)
11. Zuriey

C. Tell 7 things about yourself.

1. Yet to get my P licence!
2. Shedding tears while reading novels or watching tv (the sad parts)
3. Only has herself and younger bro in siblings
4. Has chinese blood! (dari moyang ntah brp keturunan!)
5. Don't really like kids not until she has her own kiddos!
6. Not good in expressing her loves towards family members but she knows she cares bout them very much
7. In loves only 3x!!! (in future sepa tau??!! lol)

Know me well by now? Hehehe...

Happy 20102010 peeps!!


  1. Yaa ampun...lum pun sa kasi publish post sa...sudah duluan ko yaa...tiapa...semangat ber blog tu harus TATAP ada...haha!

    Thank you lah kunun sbb tidak dinafikan mmg kita-kita ni Beautiful blogger bah...

    *control senyum ni...takut kantoi oleh bossku*


  2. congrats bie rajin juga ko post skg ah !

  3. Mouren ~ Jd, ko jeles?? Muahahaha.. Tepa ba.. biar lmbt yg penting updated n most important thing is biutipul (jgn biut sdh!) Muahahahah

    Zulee ~ Thanks. Rajin tahap gaban sdh ni! Hahah..

  4. Hahaha..thanks so much Just.. Ko juga lah..hahaha.. ada chinese blood aa..haha sama la kita ni.. :)

  5. kopisanangan tuan blog...mau cari cincin amas saya hilang disini ada jumpa kah haha!

  6. Yeah thanks for this! ^_^ Wah baca novel pun bulih tenangis kaini moi? Hehe..

  7. Stella ~ Welcome.. ba, kita ckp cina pasni aa.. ;p

    Donny ~ hi Donny! Thanks for droppin by. Cincin amas??? Uhuuuu... sia pun sdg cari sia pnya cincin amas yg ilang. Tp, tepa.. minum jus oren dulu ko aa.. ;p

    AnnieMing ~ Welcome. Terlampau kasi msk diri sendiri dlm tu situasi ba kunun... hahahah..

  8. thank you for this lovely award dearie :)
    eventho beberapa keturunan suda tapi tu kulit putih cina tatap kena waris kan hehe

  9. Carol ~ thanks.. hehehe.. ya ba kan.. :D

  10. Thanks, Just. Baru sya nampak ni... :-)


You're 'bout to corner... ;p