Monday, October 25, 2010


It was Rayyan’s 2nd Buffday yesterday! Buffday = makan2! So, yeah.. this round only family members invited.

For Rayyan’s Year 1 buffday, click here.

The food

Ben 10 Pandan Sponge Cake

Yup.. that’s all… Fried bihun + KFC + Cake and drinks. As simple as that. At first we wanted to fry nugget and other. Somehow, we changed our mind last minute and bought a barrel of KFC instead. Cepat & mudah. *wink*

Rayyan wearing his Ben 10 t-shirt too
Me and Rayyan

There was this one day that we went to visit in law at Sentul, Rayyan saw this patung. Quickly, he grabbed, hugged and ‘wrestling’ it! I have to hide it when he was busy with something else!

So yeah... We had been searching up and low for this patung as his buffday present! Lucky, we found it!

Yes.. patung Otromen!! See.. kena wrestling ba tu c Otromen!! Hahaha..

Rayyan’s milestone at his current age :

1. Baru 10kg++.

2. Still pointing as his main communication method.

3. Two weeks before his buffday, Dady was his first word and followed by Mummy a week later.

4. Has passed his potty training in Aug 2010. He will hold his be-bird as the sign (sometimes seja2 pigang!) So only use 1-2 pcs of diapers at present.

5. Remote control still conquers by him. He will sit nicely watching Ultraman, Mr. Bean, Misi Yaya, Upin & Ipin, Mickey Mouse, Thomas n Friend, Chuggington, AF video clips, etc.

6. Enjoy shower very much. After he got dirt playing water and food (2-3x daily!), he will ask to take off his shirt. He only knows to take off his pant and headed to the bath room.

7. If he wants milk, he will either point at his ‘milk station’ or take out his pillow from bedroom and lay down waiting for his milk. Jgn lambat, pandai marah tu c bos kici!

8. Still trying to adjust his sleeping time! He woke up between 9.30am - 11am. Noon nap between 3.30pm to 5.30pm for 2-3 hours and go to bed only at 1.30am to 3am! *sigh*

That’s all bout Rayyan!


  1. Nah, pandai bergaya suda c Rayyan bila bergambar.

    Patung Doremon teda kaitu Sis, sini KK mcm low quality bah sa tinguk...

  2. Sis, pandai sdh dia bergmbr skrg kunun!

    Ada ba patung doraemon. Low quality sbb murah kali. Yg otromen tu RM39.90 tu.

    Sepa minat doraemon?

  3. happy birthday rayyan!
    memang ikut muka ko oh kan just :)

  4. Stella ~ kawan dia bikin gusti tu skrg.. heheh..

    Carol ~ Thanks. Iya!! kena copy sebijik! Hahaha..

  5. the makanan makes me hungry.. the ben 10 makes me wanna watch it at cartoon network.. hehehe.. happy birthday to rayyan..!

  6. Haha, cute bah main gusti terus! :-) Sedap kek dia ni pandan lagi mmmmmm yummmyyy!!! Bos kici lagi tu sedia2 bantal heheheee... Anyway, Happy B'day Rayyan!!! Be a gud boy, k... :-)

  7. Richard ~ Aik.. Layan cartoon jg??! Heheh.. Thanks nyway.. :D

    Crystal ~ Thanks. Sedap kek dia sbb guna fresh cream. so nda la manis betul. C Rayyan apa lg.. gusti la sampai time nenen pun tu otromen kena peluk.. ;p

  8. boss kici... !!!!! hehehehe.... happy birthday my son.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday.
    cute tu kek Ben10. Hehehehehe....

  10. Asai ~ mmg Rayyan bos kici d rmh! Hahaha

    Zuriey ~ Thanks.

    Zezebel ~ Thanks.

  11. Just, tulung saya kodut pipi aah...
    Happy belated bday to your sweetheart ^ ^

  12. Sumandak ~ Thanks.. nnt d rmh sia kodut pp dia utk ko k.. heheeh..


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