Friday, October 15, 2010


I must say a bunch thanks to Stella for making me jealous for her cute nametag that she received from WSB – We Are Sabahan Bloggermania!

Due to the jealousy (ahahahah), I have already registered and joined the WSB, both blog and FB, hoping that one day I will be receiving the nametag too! Yayyy…

Thanks to WSB for the prompt URL featuring on your FB page wall. I loike… hehehe…

Currently, WSB is now running a so called contest for WSB Blog of the Month – October Edition with the title of Aku & WSB. Just be unique, creative, nice and simple to be the winner! I will be cracking my head for this over the weekend!

Submission is before 28 Oct 2010.

Till then… Happy weekend everyone… ^_^

Psst.. I'll become more and more active in blogging after this... *wink*


  1. Thanks for your entry here, I've registered with WSB already! ^_^

    Sioknya kena mention di wall about ur blog.. Hehe!

  2. Welcome Just.. :)
    Yeay!.. mari sama2 kita join Just..:)

  3. Just ni mmber rapat ku ni..d dlm WSB kmi sll lepak sma²..{just bru jak join,ktara tipu..keh²}
    @cute-annie, your registration sdh d update d WSB@fb..check it out..:)

  4. ahh.. almost wanted to join the club dulu... tapi mcm malas hihihihi.... bah nanti lah cuba try kinam join.... tapi bab contest ni..uh huuuu.... bosan sudah mau ikut hahahahhaha....

  5. I am Sabahan Blogger but I am not WSB yet. Hahahahaha.... I been with many group in facebook before but the only thing they give me is just a spam message in my inbox. I try not to join any group no more after that.

  6. Annie ~ Heheh.. ngam la tu. Ya ba.. siiioookkk!

    Stella ~ ba, bila mo post 'aku & wsb'?? hihihi...

    WSB ~ ba, cukup2 la ko jek2 aku.. dr fb wall lg! klu aku dpt tu nametag nda pa jg.. muahahahha...

  7. CathJ ~ Join ja ba.. Tu contest blkg cerita. Klu sia rajin, baru msk tu contest.. hihihi..

    Zuriey ~ marketing strategy! hehehe...

    Zezebel ~ those group spamming?? hmm.. nyway, jgn kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.. hehe...

    Richard ~ Thanks.. biar lambat, yg penting selamat. Hahahah..

  8. nc ~ ba.. apa lg.. aktifkan diri anda! hehehe...

    Sumandak ~ jgn kasi lama aa... hahha..


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