Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life Without FB & YM During Office Hour!

The FB, YM and Youtube are officially blocked!!! (Happy la HR!!) All employees except those big bosses are no longer allowed to access to those popular websites!! Other websites including blogger are ok! Well, at least something rather than nothing! Can’t imagine if life is without internet, in the office!!! *faint*

So to all my dearest FB friends, you’ll gonna miss me! Ahakss… I won’t be updating any status anymore. I won’t be commenting your status and photos anymore. Of coz... not during office hour. If I can online at night, I’ll catch up with you guys k or else weekends lor.

Yeah I know I can still use the FB mobile… But I just don’t enjoy using it. I only can read half of the comment if it is a long one and the worst part is I will not be able to reply those with the long comment. Some sort like error la… *sigh*

Anyway, for today, being the first day without FB and YM… What I did was updating those blogs that I have been followed. Yess… one-by-one-click task!

Some blogs are already been removed, some privated, some no updates, some I don’t actually follow! After ‘cleaning’, I am currently following 81 blogs (seja!).

81 blogs is such a long list to be labeled under MY BLOG LIST. So, next step is to categorize all the blogs into 4 different labels. Hihihi… Betul2 tiada kerja oo kan…

Categorizing Blog I’m Following : Page 1 out of 4

Next… Are you keeping track of all the comments that you have commented in ppl’s blog? I do! But, I must admit that I’m getting old! Sometimes I can’t recall which entry did I comment?! You know la.. some bloggers are just too active… sometime 3 entries for that particular day.. (Ehmm.. talking bout my ownself ka this?? Been posting 3 entries for yesterday and today respectively! Gheezz… ) Or I think I only shouted at their shout box… ??

Now that I’m getting more and more visitors and returning their visits makes me more pening! *roll eyes*

So yeahhh… dengan rajinnya I produce the above for my own record! Can I maintain it?? Will let you know.. I think I’ll start the ‘recording’ thingy tomorrow la.. *wink*

For info, both images are taken nicely but I blurred them out! Malu ba… hahahah.. Biarlah Rahsia Dato Siti bilang… heheheheh…



  1. Wah, wah, wah siap kena highlighted lagi hahaha... Siok oh. Ndapala, bulih juga ko ber-FB dari rumah. Bah, good luck with your project! ;-)

  2. wah..rajin juga ko..mmg betul2 teda keja ni..hahaha.. Kalau sya teda masa mo buat tu tracking tu..hahaha..

    Wah nasib baik tdk kena blocked website sama blog.. Bah ko bw ja celcom broadband ba bisuk..hehe.. Trus blh FB tu..:)

  3. dulu.... dulu la kan.. ofis kami pun mau blok tu FB... but, tetap tidak buli jg.. sbb semua client kami ada FB.. apa2 latest news drg update d FB jg.. senang kami mau track... hehehe.

  4. Crystal ~ Lama nda main colour2. Hahahah.. Thanks nyway.

    Stella ~ Masa tu sentiasa ada kalau sia tp tu la.. main prob dia kan tahap kerajinan. Kikiki..

    Sengaja jg sia nda bw broadband sia spy sia buli buat benda2 yg sdh lama tertangguh gara2 berFB. Hahahha...

    Asai ~ I wonder sepa la suppliers kami yg mo update brg dorang d FB. Supplier besar2 ya la mengkali. Heheheh..

  5. Hi Just,
    My office pun sudah block FB early this year...reason, 80% staff asyik main FB hahahaha and because of that, server slow. Some Top Management depends on wifi network etc..then kalau semua main game dalam FB ( termasuk I)..memang slow lah diorang mau buka Laptop diorang. Buka FB dirumah ja lah, atau online thru HP ja.

    Wah.. rajin kau kemaskini blog. Me pula lama sudah inda update bah.. and I just notice, I inda pernah follow other blog. Maybe sebab I privated. I Go and click to be your follower now ya..hehe.:P

  6. Nora ~ Ya ba.. sama la sini. Semua pun main game FB ja. Naa last2 blok terus. Hmm..

    Even ko private, ko still buli follow ba. Thanks for following me.. heheh..

  7. Wa, ada bloglist lagi tu.. siap kena print.. ni baru la.

  8. Jericho ~ keja gila kan!! hahaha..

  9. Hahahahah...sa kelambatan yg ini. Tp, caya lahhh...siap kena print lagi tu.

  10. Sis.. in the mood of organizing ba kunun.. pdhal teda keja!! Hahahah..


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