Friday, October 15, 2010

The Love Story GiveAway

You and I just have a dream
to find our love a place
where we can hide away
you and I were just made
to love each other now
forever and a day

It’s Friday and the best part is I’m in LOVE mode! That’s explaining the song! Hihihi… I feel like wanna make some LOVE STORY over here…. Ahakss… tp bukan I LOVE YOU TONITE tau, Mouren… lol

I bet you all have your own LOVE STORY rite?? I have... You have... Everyone has... Let’s forget bout Love Story Telling here... How bout portraiture of your LOVE STORY?! Have one?? Browse your albums!!

There must be ONE that you really HEART the most! Sad to say that I don’t have one??! Surprise?? Me too... hehehe... Well, of coz I have a lot of photos collections but I realize that there are no single photos that really caught my attention in showing how deep is my love… cehhh… Wedding photos for both the wedding day itself and the indoor photography sessions are all captured nicely but I think we can do much much better! I wish we can do it one more time! Lol

Loves come in so many unique ways! Yess... you might have one silly photos of you and your other half or whoever but it sure comes with loves!!!

And because of THE LOVE STORY GIVEAWAY BY creative NC thru her, tercabar sia trus ni! Wakakaka…

Since the due date will be on 24 Nov 2010, lama lagi kan… banyak masa lagi… I’m not going to send the existing photos of us for the contest. In fact, I has already asked hubby to go find one fine place for a photography session! And he says yess!! Yayyy… punya la semangat!! Love you Dear… *kisses and hugs*

So guys, pls support her giveaway! Click here and here or the banner (pandai2 ja sia ba! Hahaha) on my sidebar for more details. *wink*

LOVE IS IN THE AIR… la la la…


  1. wow...semangat ko ni just mau join ni contest..sya pun mau join tp mau kurik2 dulu gmbr haha..

  2. wawah... semangat oo :D gambate :D nda sabar ni tgk gmbr ko :D hehe

  3. Muahahaha...mahal tau tu I LOVE YOU TONITE!

    Bah, let spreading our love story

    *show off* *show off* *show off*


  4. Stella ~ Hahaahah.. semangat la kunun time2 in contest mode ni. Klu nda, kena kasi biar ja tu. tp mo sukung kwn pnya psl jg kan.. ba, palan2 ko kurik aa.. hihihi...

    Nadia ~ Hahahah.. chayok chayok.. klu terpilih nmpk la gmbr sia.. klu nda, nda la.. abis main emel jg kan.. ;p

    Mouren ~ jom jom jom jom.. jom heboh2.. ntah apa ketan.. hahahah..


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