Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 1st Working Experience

Hmm.. I’m really not in the mood rite now (morning). So, I just browsing my photos (yes.. one way to refresh my mood) and found this…

photo taken last Sep when we went to Suria Sabah and parked here

The Tong Hing Building, was my first workplace. It was after my SPM examination and also after I came back from my Mount Kinabalu climbing! *grin*

Well, it was my mom’s ex-colleague informing her bout the vacancy. Two days after the climbing without waiting any longer (takut dikebas org!), I went to fill up the form and start work the next day. Dengan kaki yg tempang2 lg tu.. lol

My working shifts... 8am – 4pm, 2pm – 10pm and even 8am – 10pm!!! There are only two of us stationed at the special counter. So, when one of us taking leave, the other one will have to work from morning till nite! Berbau eh!! Hahahaha… By the way, for your info… transportation for night shift staff is provided. Thank god!

On my very first day (the first week of Jan 1998!), as usual… the briefing thingy by my partner. Senang ja pun! Heheheh… Guess what?? She has already booked her leave for 14 Feb, Valentine’s Day?!! A month ahead??!! Huh?? But, I don’t have a choice. *sigh*

I hate morning shift the most! Mana la ramai org pagi2 kan… the boredom really killing me softly! Cehh.. I was once caught by the late Datuk (the owner of Tong Hing) while I was reading a book. For few seconds, he stared at me as if I was stealing?! Big deal?? Hmm…

After that incident, I still reading though.. hehehe.. But, more careful! His timing is kinda fixed. Every morning after having his breakfast, he will walk from Jesselton Hotel at Jln Gaya to Tong Hing. Had a round visit of the store before he goes up to the office and come down during lunch time. Had another round visit at the store before he goes out. That was his daily routine. So, if he’s around, I’ll close my book!! *wink*

Anyway, I only work here for few months, until I got my SPM result and need to further my study in matriculation.

So, what do I do actually?? Jeng jeng jeng….

I’m the ice –cream girl!! Yes, hired by Gardenia with a basic salary of RM600!! During that time, even clerks are getting RM400++ only!! Now you tell me… why I sanggup tempang2 pigi keja?? Hehehehe… It was a lot to me!! And that is why I hate morning shift. Who wanna buy ice-cream in the morning???

Well, those were the days… Might continue another story from this post.. hehehe..

Psstt.. my mood is better now specially after I managed to confirm my flight to Langkawi (Fare of RM1!!), err.. It will be next year July?! *wink*


  1. Trip tu Langkawi?!!...wowowowww...

    Hmm, my mood pun okay2 suda ni...yaiii!

    Anyway, my first job pun jumpa ramai2 urang...cuma bezanya sa punya keja tu ada glamber sikit..kaka kunun kenen!

    *sa jeles ko pg Langkawi* (~_~)

  2. waa.. best juga baca experience ko 1st keja tu..

    wah suda booked tiket..bestnya..:)

  3. Wahahahha... jgn jeles ba sis. Sia ni jarang2 mo show off! Hahahah...

    Aishhh ko ni.. penuh dgn keglameran gitu! kunun kenen.. hahaha..

  4. Stella ~ seja mo refresh utak kenang2 blk kunun.
    kunun2 mo tlg urg lain cek tiket skali tgk sia pulak yg terbeli.. hahahha..

  5. Ba ba, sya selalu p Tong Hing dulu beli ice-cream... nahhh... ko la kali tu sya nampak hehehe... Seriously, kedai kami tu dari kecik, mesti mo singgah hehe... Bagus oh ko dpt juga tu tikit, congested betul itu line kan.

  6. Moi ko crita pasal 1st working experience trus sa teringat time sa dulu after form5 kerja di KFC!!! Kerja Shift ko imagine lah kalau kerja KFC nie especially long shift habis saja shift BEBAU bah KFC sampai sa muak sama KFC hahahah those were the days...hehehehehe

  7. Crystal ~ hahah.. sia la tu kali!!

    You know what, sia pun nda aware ada tu promotion until my colleague p tnya sia mcmana sia pilih tu date for travel. At the end, sia dpt tikit, dia yg nda.. huhuh..

  8. Rosc ~ KFC was my 2nd job! Hahahha.. bau ayam!!!! Tp, siok mo ingat2 blk kan... :D

  9. Oh ya kah. ko KFC mana dulu moi!!! jan ko bilang KFC bandaran ah!!! hahahahaha

  10. Hahahaha.. nda la.. kfc wisma. 1bln ja.. hahaha.. nda sempat pun dpt shift closing. Hahahaah..


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